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10 Best Heating Pads 2017

Heating pads have many different purposes, which can make it difficult to choose which one is the best for you. For treating any ache or pain, having a heating pad around when you need one is obviously preferable to having to go out and buy one. Spending

10 Best Fountain Pens 2017

With all of the tablets, smart phones, computer and technology available these days, what’s the point of writing things by hand? If you’re searching for the best fountain pen, then you already know the answer to that question. It’s an art form, it connects you to the

10 Best DVR 2017

Gone are the days when finding the highest quality of DVR was easy, as it only came down to a couple of options. Now there is an ever-increasing range of companies offering their services and this has made it much more difficult. As the market is ever-changing,

10 Best Pepper Sprays 2017

Pepper spray is such a popular self-defense weapon because you can carry it in so many different ways. It is easier to conceal, it isn’t as harmful as a gun or a taser (a.k.a. stun gun), and it is much more cost efficient. So, how do you

10 Best Speed Cubes 2017

If you enjoy challenging yourself with complex games then the speed cube is a well-known and unmatched device that will challenge you for hours and days on end. It’s original, the Rubix cube, was a huge hit when it was released and there are now hundreds of

6 Best Lego Sets for Adults 2017

If you think it’s fun for your kids to build and play with their Lego sets, just wait until you feast your eyes on these awesome sets we have in our table below. Legos are a classic children’s toy in cultures across the globe, but as an

6 Best Hand Warmers 2017

If you suffer from cold hands or poor circulation then having a few hand warmers handy is just what you need to stay comfortable when cold weather hits. Not only will your hands feel warmer, the increased heat will stimulate blood flow and improve your overall well-being.

10 Best Erasers 2017

What is the problem with most of the erasers out there? Their cuteness outshines their functionality. It’s easy to grab the little animal figures or the smiley faces that are staring at you from the store shelves, but once you put those erasers to paper, they either

10 Best Tattoo Machines 2017

Whether you are a seasoned tattoo artist or are interested in getting started in the field, you should always be sure to maintain a great kit with the tools you need to execute professional looking artwork. Not all tools are alike, however. There are tons of different

6 Best Indoor Grow Lights 2017

Whether you’re preparing the vegetable garden for the coming season or if you have a collection of rare and unusual plants that require special attention, the right amount of light is essential to plant health. For those who place their plants in particularly dark areas, a grow