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6 Best Paper Planners 2017

In our age of digital planning and calendars, too many people have forgotten the simple delight (and surprising organizational capability) of the good old-fashioned paper planner. Paper planners are beautiful, customizable, and help keep you organized, and they’re a pleasure to use – there’s just something comforting

6 Best Teacher Planners 2017

Staying organized is one of the biggest challenges a teacher can have – with so many students and subjects, and an ever-changing lesson plan, it can be tough to track everything and keep it all in one place. That’s probably why old-fashioned, paper teacher planners are so

10 Best Daily Planners 2017

Sometimes you just need paper. If the digital age isn’t meeting your scheduling and planning standards, it might be time to try out a daily planner. Whether this is your first time around the block or you’re a veteran looking to try out a new planner, finding