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10 Best Irons for Quilting 2017

Quilters have many fabrics, notions, scissors, and machines to choose from, and to add to the mix; irons are another tool to take into consideration. With years of quilting behind us and countless products tried, we want to show some of our favorite quilting irons in this

10 Best USB Bluetooth Adapters 2017

A USB Bluetooth adapter allows devices that are Bluetooth compatible, such as phones, headphones, mice, and other things, to connect to your computer, without wires. While many newer generations of laptops and desktops have Bluetooth capabilities, some don’t, which is why buying the best USB Bluetooth adapter

10 Best Paper Shredders 2017

One of the best ways to prevent identity theft or leakage of sensitive information is by using a paper shredder. Do you have one in your home or your office yet? Whether you’re purchasing one for the first time or replacing a unit that has shredded its

10 Best Overhead DVD Players 2017

Travelling long distances by car several times a year can be rough, especially if you have children fighting or arguing out of sheer boredom. On-road entertainment is the key to peace on a long car ride! You can achieve this with an overhead DVD player, a unit

Ten Best 5.1 Receivers 2017

With a wide range of sound, multiple speakers, and the ability to be linked with high-quality home entertainment systems. 5.1 receivers are a huge step above conventional AV receivers. While they aren’t as sophisticated as a 7.1 or 9.1 channel receiver, they’re a perfect “middle ground” receiver

10 Best NVRs 2017

If you’re worried about thieves breaking into your home or your business, you’ve probably looked into security systems or security camera surveillance. Why hire an expensive security team when you can do most of what they do yourself, starting with an NVR (Network Video Recording) system? If

10 Best 140mm Case Fans 2017

A 140mm case fan is the quietest and most efficient option for gamers on a budget, especially compared to 120mm case fans and liquid cooling systems. If your computer tower case has the ability to support them, they can be great additions to your computer’s overall cooling

10 Best Bluetooth Audio Receivers 2017

A Bluetooth audio receiver, also known as Bluetooth audio adapter, is a convenient way to convert devices that weren’t formerly Bluetooth capable into Bluetooth streaming hubs. They can be great for a variety of situations, from making your car’s radio Bluetooth capable to making your at-home speaker

10 Best Calculators for College 2017

The transition to college can be difficult for some students. In addition to leaving the comfortable familiarity of home, many new college students are faced with a heavier workload and more difficult assignments. Even at the lowest level, general college math and science classes can be far

10 Best Gifts for Mom 2017

The woman who taught you everything, from how to walk to how to drive a car, deserves something more special than a flimsy paper card or generic flowers. You may not be able to buy a mother’s love, but finding the right gift might show her just