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10 Best Calligraphy Pens 2017

All you need to take drab, normal letters and transform them into stunning works of art is the right pen, and for those who are mad about calligraphy, the pen makes all the difference. Whether you’re just getting into calligraphy or perhaps an experienced artist looking for

10 Best Fruit Infuser Water Bottles 2017

The benefits of drinking fruit-infused water are numerous, and they have people filling their fridges with a variety of metabolism-boosting or toxin-flushing super waters. Thanks to specially designed bottles, making a daily batch of fruit water has never been easier. However, before you go out and spend

10 Best Hookahs 2017

“Hookah” is just one of many names for the elegant tobacco-smoking device used in cultures across the globe. It is particularly popular in Southern Asia and the Middle East, but quite a few Hookah Bars have popped up in Western cultures, too, and purchasing one for private

10 Best Dry Erase Markers 2017

Cheap dry erase markers usually dry out faster than you can write a sentence, which sends you running out for replacements constantly. Wouldn’t you rather purchase some quality markers from the start rather than wasting time with low-quality ones? In our guide, we will show you the

10 Best Roach Killers for Apartments 2017

Roaches can be difficult pests to get rid of, and most of us would prefer to avoid calling a professional exterminator since that can be expensive. If you know that your roach problem hasn’t developed into a full blown infestation, then most likely you can take care

10 Best Paints for Pumpkins 2017

If you thought that some special, magical paint was needed for pumpkin painting, then think again! Simple acrylic paints and spray paints allow you to take your pumpkin designing skills to the next level, and here in our guide, we will provide you with some useful tips

10 Best Weekly Planners 2017

So many people underestimate the usefulness of a planner. They rely on post-it notes, smartphone alerts or the main house calendar to keep everything running smoothly, but often, these things just aren’t enough. If you really want to increase your productivity, keep your schedule organized, and keep

10 Best Fly Traps 2017

Flies multiply at an astonishing rate, and what may seem like just a few pesky flies buzzing around your home can turn into a full-blown infestation quicker than you can blink an eye. Most of us don’t have fly problems this serious, but controlling the population with

10 Best Slip and Slides 2017

One of the best backyard toys of all time is the slip and slide. Did you play with one when you were a kid? If not, you should try it! You’re never too old to run and jump onto a wet sheet of plastic on a hot

10 Best Cheap Candles 2017

We like homemade, high-quality candles just as much as you do. However, they are definitely out of the price range when you are shopping on a budget. What if you are organizing a wedding reception, a religious ceremony, or simply don’t want to spend Yankee Candle prices