10 Best 4 Channel Amps 2020

Getting the most out of the speakers you’ve installed in your car or truck is quite important – which is why it’s crucial to find the best 4 channel amp for your vehicle. It will enable you to capitalize on the speakers or subwoofers that are already in your car.

Maybe you’re looking to find an amplifier to complement a speaker set or subwoofer that you’re about to install yourself. These things don’t just pop out, which is why finding the right or appropriate 4 channel amp can be difficult.

It’s okay, though – we’re here to help you find an amp that will suit your system. Since you’re looking for a 4 channel amp, we’ll focus solely on those and show you how to pick the right one.

Top Ten 4 Channel Amps Table

PictureNamePeak PowerPriceRating (1-5)
Peak Power
Rating (1-5)
1. Alpine MRV-F300 4-Channel Car Amplifier, 50 Watts RMS x 4300 Watts$$$4.6
2. CT Sounds AT-125.4 Class D 4 Channel Car Amplifier800 Watts$$$4.5
3. Rockford Fosgate R250X4 Prime 4-Channel Amplifier 250 Watts$$4.4
4. Rockford Fosgate P600X4 Punch 4-Channel Amplifier600 Watts$$$$4.4
5. Hifonics ZRX2016.4 Zeus Car Audio Amplifier, 4-Channel 2000-Watt2000 Watts$$$4.4
6. Rockford Fosgate R400-4D 400 Watt Full-Range Class-D 4-Channel Amplifier 400 Watts$$$4.3
7. Kenwood KAC-M1804 Compact 4-channel Amplifier400 Watts$$4.1
8. Planet Audio AC1200.4 ANARCHY 1200-Watt Full Range Class A/B 2 to 8 Ohm Stable 4 Channel Amplifier1200 Watts$$4.0
9. crunch PX1000.4 Power Amplifier (Class Ab, 4 Channels, 1,000 Watts) 1000 Watts$$3.9
10. BOSS Audio R1004 Riot 400 Watt, 4 Channel, 2/4 Ohm Stable Class A/B400 Watts$3.5

Making the Search Easier Than it Sounds: Buying Guide for the Appropriate 4 Channel Amp

It’s easy to get too technical, too quickly, when it comes to picking out a 4 channel amp for your vehicle’s sound system. Below, we’ve listed a few features that will both help you figure out the type of amp you need and shed some light on the world of automobile electronics.

  • Does It Suit Your Setup? The first thing you’ll want to figure out when looking for the best 4 channel amp is whether or not your sound system can even accommodate a 4 channel amp. If you’re using a single subwoofer, for instance, in combination with the stock speakers of your car, you won’t need a 4 channel amp.

You’ll need a 4 channel amp to accommodate multi-speaker setups, setups that include multiple models of aftermarket speakers.

  • RMS. While peak power (discussed below) can be useful to estimate the extremes of your sound system, RMS is a way to know how much sound power your amplifier can continually generate, through your vehicle’s sound system.

RMS is a better indicator of 4-channel amp performance than peak power is unless you’re looking to push your vehicle’s sound system to the limit 24/7.

  • Peak Power. The peak power of your 4 channel amplifier is the combined maximum wattage of each channel that can be played through your vehicle’s entire sound system. We’d recommend a 4 channel amp that produces no less than 600 watts of power.

Your peak power requirements may be different based on the setup of your vehicle’s sound system; a subwoofer, for instance, might require upwards of 500 watts of peak power to efficiently operate whereas mid-range speakers can do well from just 250 – 400 watts of peak power.

  • THD (Total Harmonic Distortion). The THD of a 4 channel amp is a measure of the system’s audio clarity, and should be displayed or advertised on the amplifier itself.

Top 3 Best 4 Channel Amp Reviews

1. Alpine MRV-F300 4-Channel Car Amplifier

The Alpine MRV-F300 might not be the largest of 4 channel amps, but that doesn’t mean it won’t pack a punch! It’s small enough to be installed anywhere on the interior of your vehicle easily, provides a lot of power, and produces a clean tone.

The amp stays remarkably cool; even when it’s pushed to the most extreme boundaries of its performance it won’t give off loads of unnecessary heat.

The 300 watts of maximum power provide your vehicle’s system with clean, moderately powerful sound, capable of accommodating smaller subwoofers and mid-range speakers quite comfortably.

Experience your music without any humming, static, or distortion; the Alpine MRV-F300 is the best 4 channel amp for clean sound. It’s also easy to install, produces moderate levels of power, and doesn’t overheat, all of which are valuable traits in 4 channel amplifiers.

2. CT Sounds AT-125.4 Car Amplifier

Right out of the box, the AT-125.4 already looks better than most of the 4 channel amps you can find today. Looks aren’t everything, however, so let’s see what truly makes the AT-125.4 a viable option for your vehicle’s sound system.

You can easily mount it anywhere you’d like, but we’d suggest somewhere close to you, so you can adjust its sound if you need to.

The power of this great 4 channel amp is excellent – with the optimal setup, you can have 400 Watts RMS with a maximum wattage of 800 Watts per channel!

The only thing that could be tough to deal with would be the screws that come with the amplifier, the screws that are responsible for holding the wires securely into the back of the amp. They’re rather flimsy and might require a bit of muscle for them to be firmly grounded in place.

3. Rockford Fosgate R250X4 Prime Amplifier

The R250X4 is a highly-customizable, moderately-powerful 4 channel amp that’s well suited for a sound system that needs a jump.

It’s equipped with an onboard equalizer for complete customization and excellent sound quality control; the sound quality will be dripping from your speakers!

It’s compatible with speakers that are stock and aftermarket, meaning you won’t have to worry about speakers that won’t work with it.

The wattage is rather weak, but at 250 watts of peak power, you can still have a system that sounds reasonably jumpy. If you have the right speakers, the quality of this amp will shine through them.

The Rockford Fosgate R250X4 might not pack the most punch, but it will deliver quality sound and is compatible with both stock and aftermarket speakers.