Ten Best 5 Channel Amps 2020

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for your sound system, a 5-channel amp is all you need. Not only does it connect to four speakers, but it also has an additional input port for a subwoofer as well. You also have the option to connect five speakers, but replacing one with a subwoofer is a better choice.

This kind of flexibility is what makes a 5-channel amp quite popular for anyone who appreciates a quality sound experience, especially if you’re building a sound system for your car and want the neatest solution possible. We get that, and that’s why have created this excellent guide to help you get the best 5 channel amp out there.

So, go ahead and browse our highly comprehensive guide with peace of mind that whatever you’ll be getting will be of high quality and have the best value possible.

What to Consider Before Buying

Getting a 5-channel amp is a bit complicated because being part of a sound system, you have to keep other things in mind, like:

  • Your Budget. A 5 channel amp can vary significantly in price, depending on various things such as their brand, the build quality and how powerful it is. The more powerful sound system you want, the bigger your budget has to be. After all, the amp is the one doing all the actual weight lifting.
  • Upgrading Your Car Battery. If you’re building a sound system for your car, a powerful amp connected with speakers and subwoofers can take a lot of juice out of your car’s battery. If you have any doubts that the battery is weak or small, talk to your trusted car technician about whether or not you need to purchase a high-quality battery to go with your amp.

Top 10 Channel Amps Table

PictureNameOutputPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Rockford P1000X5 Punch 5-Channel Amplifier75 Watts x 4 + 150 Watts x 1 @ 4-Ohms$$$$5.0
2. Pioneer GM-D9605 Gm Digital Series Class D Amp (5-Channel Bridgeable, 2,000W Max) 75 Watts x 4 @ 4-Ohms$$4.6
3. Rockford Fosgate R600X5 Prime 5-Channel Amplifier50 Watts x 4 + 200 Watts x 1 @ 4-Ohm$$$4.5
4. Rockville RXH-F5 3200 Watt Peak/1600w RMS 5 Channel Amplifier Car Stereo Amp 200 Watts (4x50 Watts) @ 4-Ohms$4.3
5. Soundstream PN5.640D Picasso Nano 640 W 5-Channel Class D digital Car Audio Amplifier60 Watts (4x 200 Watts) @ 4-Ohms$$4.2
6. Kenwood KAC-7005PS Performance Series 5 Channel Power Amplifier 40 Watts x 4 + 300 Watts x 1$$4.2
7. Alpine MRV-V500 5 Channel V Power Digital Amplifier40 Watts x 4 + 150 Watts x 1 @ 4-Ohms$$$4.1
8. Hifonics MB Quart NA710.5 Nautic Amplifier, 5-Channel 710-Watt 60 Watts RMS @ 4-Ohms$$4.1
9. BOSS AUDIO PV3700 Phantom 3700-Watt Full Range, Class A/B 2 to 8 Ohm Stable 5 Channel Amplifier 206 Watts x 4 RMS @ 4-Ohms$4.0
10. Planet Audio AC1800.5 ANARCHY 1800-Watt Full Range Class A/B 2 to 8 Ohm Stable 5 Channel Amplifier 113 Watts x 4 RMS @ 4-Ohms$3.9

How to Choose the Perfect 5 Channel Amp

These useful tips will help you choose the best 5 channel amp possible. Read them to help you purchase the right amp for your needs:

  • Compatibility with Speakers and Subwoofers. Like we said, a 5-channel amp is just part of the story because you have to keep in mind whether the speakers and/or subwoofers you’ll pair together work with it or not. The trick is to make sure the speakers and subwoofers use fewer watts than the max wattage listed for the amp’s single channel.
  • The Brand of Your Amp, Speaker and Subwoofer. Chances are you already have a set of speakers and subwoofer. To avoid compatibility issues and get best results, try to get the 5-channel amp of the same brand or a brand similar in quality and reputation.

Top Three Best 5 Channel Amp Reviews

1. Rockford P1000X5 Punch 5-Channel Amplifier

We can say with the utmost confidence that this 5-channel amp is the best in its class and the one you need for the ultimate audio listening experience.

It has a premium brushed metal finish and all components used are extremely high in quality. The sound listening experience you’ll get is just out of this world. It can power your four speakers at 75W and at the same time, power your subwoofers up to 500W RMS.

It is full of bells and whistles, the most notable being their C.L.E.A.N technology which calibrates your audio to perfection, making sure you get an extremely crisp and powerful sound listening experience.

It also has a high-quality cast iron heat sink attached to make sure the system doesn’t damage from overheating, and that’s not all: it has a LED indicator up top, which will turn red if the source distorts, thus preventing your amp from being damaged over time.

These many amazing features plus its powerful audio delivery system makes this the best 5 channel amp in our book and a solid recommendation for any enthusiast audiophile.

2. Pioneer GM-D9605 Gm Digital Series

Pioneer’s 5 Channel amp is an amazing 5 channel amplifier for your car audio system. It can power four 75W speakers in the front and rear of your car while also powering 600W to your subwoofer. It is a great amp that delivers a powerful sound listening experience in cars where much space isn’t available.

The best feature of this 5-channel amp is that in addition to being a solid gadget, it is a D class amp. The benefit of being D class is that unlike your A & B amps, these deliver much smoother and powerful sounds while consuming less power.

Plus, it also has a low-pass filter which lets you fine-tune audio settings to adjust according to your car, giving you a superior audio listening experience, making this 5-channel amp a highly recommended addition to any car sound system.

3. Rockford Fosgate R600X5 Prime 5-Channel Amplifier

Rockford’s 5 Channel Amplifier is a great value for the money, being a mid-range amp that doesn’t skimp on high-quality components. It is a great fit for any car’s sound system, capable of driving four 50W speakers while simultaneously powering a 300W subwoofer to boot; this means it is the perfect amp to bolster up your in-car audio listening experience.

The build quality of the amp is amazing. It has a cast iron heat sink attached to its body, meaning inside your car, it won’t get too warm. Also, it is compact and doesn’t take a lot of space and has top-mounted controls for easy access.

The result is that this 5-channel amp is an amazing little amplifier capable of running your whole car sound system and providing you with a loud, crystal clear audio experience while staying within a reasonable price point.