6 Best Acrylic Paint Brushes 2020

If you enjoy painting with acrylics, you will need a set of paint brushes designed specifically for this medium. After all, whether you are new to the art world or are a seasoned professional, you cannot do great work without a great set of tools.

We have put together a list of the best acrylic paint brushes for both beginning and experienced artists. Read on to learn more about each brand and find the right set for you or your loved ones.

Top 6 Acrylic Paint Brushes Chart

PictureNameNr. of BrushesPriceRating (1-5)
Nr. of Brushes
Rating (1-5)
1. GoldStar Craft Best Artist Paint Brush Set (13 Brushes) for Acrylic, Watercolor & Face Painting13$$$4.9
2. Santa Fe Art Supply Best Quality Artist Paintbrush Set. Acrylic Oil Watercolor & Face Paint15$$$4.8
3. Royal Brush Manufacturing Royal and Langnickel Zip N' Close 12-Piece Brush Set in Vinyl Pouch12$$4.7
4. Calina J Madison Art Brush Set - 10 Piece Golden Nylon - Watercolor and Acrylic Artist Paint Brushes10$$4.6
5. Xpassion 10pcs Professional Paint Brushes Artist for Watercolor Oil Acrylic Painting10$4.6
6. Outop 12pcs Nylon Hair Paint Brush Set Artist Watercolor Acrylic Oil Painting Supplies 12$4.5

Our Most Useful Tips When Shopping for Acrylic Paintbrushes

  • Beginners. All of the sets below offer a great variety of brushes so you can get started on all types of projects. If you are just starting to explore painting as a hobby, you can invest in a cheaper brush set and still get great results.
  • Advanced Artists. If you are a professional or an amateur artist who paints on a frequent basis, you may want to invest in set of brushes that are guaranteed to last. Some sets are even backed by a lifetime warranty, meaning any damaged brushes can be replaced in the future.

Top 3 Acrylic Paint Brushes Reviews

1. GoldStar Craft Best Artist Paint Brush Set

This kit by GoldStar Craft contains some of the best acrylic paint brushes you can purchase. These brushes are totally versatile and can be used for all types of paint, not just acrylic paint.

This kit includes 13 different brushes, offering flexibility for all types of projects. The brush heads vary in size from 00 to one inch. You will be able to paint tiny details requiring the utmost precision as well as broad, bold strokes with tons of texture.

In addition to having marvelous variety in width, the bristles are assembled in five different ways – flat, filbert, fan, angle, and rigger. You will be able to choose the appropriate combination of style and width for any effect you would like to achieve. For example, there are small, medium, and wide filbert brushes. There are five flat paintbrushes, two different size paintbrushes, two round brushes in a small size for detail work, an angled paintbrush, and a flat wide paintbrush for bold strokes.

The bristles in each brush are made from durable nylon. The handles are crafted from birch wood to balance out the brush head. The brushes will sit comfortably in your hand and help you paint with balance and poise.

The brushes are housed in a roll up case for quick and easy portability. The brushes will remain organized and protected, so they will last for ages.

These brushes offer beauty, flexibility, and durability. They are also backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so go ahead and order a set. You’ll be pleased with the quality and versatility of these brushes.

2. Santa Fe Best Quality Artist Paintbrush Set

This paintbrush set from Santa Fe Art Supply offers a variety of beautifully crafted brushes of varying design.

As with the set above, this kit contains a wide array of brush tips. They range in size from 000 to 12. The brushes are also shaped in a variety of styles, including fine, round, filbert, tapered, flat, and fan shapes. This enables you to paint in any style you desire given the project you have at hand.

The brushes each measure 12”, with strong, flexible bristles that remain soft to the touch, and smooth wooden handles that are a joy to hold.

The great thing about the synthetic brush tips is that they are ideal for all types of paint, including acrylic, oil, watercolor, and more. You can even use these brushes with face paint and makeup products. The bristles hold an ideal amount of water and product so that you can paint with balanced strokes and the amount of precision you desire.

These brushes come in a durable black canvas pouch that doubles as a brush stand – there is a Velcro strip that allows you to prop up the brush compartment so you can easily view and choose each brush while you work. There is a separate slot for storing each brush, so your brushes will stay organized and protected while in storage. You can fit the pouch into your artist kit for transport from location to location, or simply use the wrist strap to hand carry it with you.

These brushes come with a satisfaction guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty, so you shouldn’t hesitate to try them out. They wash well and stand the test of time, even when used frequently in professional environments. The ferrules are firmly affixed to both the handle of the brush and the bristles, so you don’t have to deal with frustrating shedding.

If you’re searching for a perfect brush set that will last forever, you will love this one from Santa Fe Art Supply. With a bonus brush and its useful brush stand / carrying case, this set is an absolute treasure that you’ll appreciate for years to come.

3. Royal Manufacturing and Langnickel Zip N’ Close

This is another affordable, great quality set of acrylic paintbrushes. This kit comes with 12 unique paintbrushes, all housed in a handy pouch that zips closed to keep everything in place when not in use.

These brushes are well made, with bristles that will not shed either while you paint or while you wash them. They glide nicely over paper and maintain their shape despite many washings.

Within this set, you will find two flat brushes, two round brushes, three angular brushes, three filbert brushes, and two golden taklon brushes. They are ideal for using with acrylic paints, and they can also be used for watercolor painting.

These brushes have high quality ferrules and kiln-dried wooden handles. They fit comfortably in your hand and will help you paint accurately, especially when working on small, detailed paintings.

If you want an affordable set of brushes that you can use for an array of projects, you’ll appreciate the value of this paintbrush set.