10 Best Adult Halloween Costumes 2020

You will be flooded with choices when you type in “best adult Halloween costumes” into any search bar. From Superman to a sultry pirate wench, there is something out there for everyone!

The fact that you’re willing to spend money on a ready-to-wear costume, however, means that you need to pay attention to the small details.

You could opt for the cheapest options, but why bother to spend the money if they break down on you after one or two parties?

To help you make sure that you choose a well-constructed costume that won’t fall apart on Halloween night, check out some of the top picks for this season here in our useful guide.

Top 10 Adult Halloween Costumes Table

PictureNameForPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Rubie's Costume Co - Ghostbuster Marshmallow Men's CostumeMen$$$4.5
2. Forum Women's Bumble Bee Costume Women$4.5
3. Jurassic World: Adult Inflatable T-Rex CostumeUnisex$$$$4.4
4. Rasta Imposta Bacon and Eggs Couples Costume Couples$4.3
5. RootSuit Party Shark Costume Unisex$$$$4.3
6. Disguise Women's Disney Maleficent Christening Gown Costume - Black Women$$$4.3
7. Marvel Rubie's Costume Men's Marvel Universe Spider-Man 2nd Skin CostumeMen$$$4.2
8. Costume Agent A League of Their Own Rockford Peaches AAGPBL Baseball Womens Costume Dress Women$$$$4.1
9. elope Where's Waldo Adult Costume Kit Men$$4.0
10. FunWorld Peanut Butter And Jelly Set Couples$$3.9

Costume Styles to Consider

The costumes on our list designed only for men and only for women are just a few out of thousands, but we decided to include them since they are a bit more unique than the average sexy maid costume or Captain Jack Sparrow pirate get up.

Here are a few other options that might help inspire you to find the right costume for your Halloween party.

  • Couples. Costume shopping is super fun if you have a partner who will be attending the party with you. There are tons of options out there, but if you’re looking for something classic that will be successful at just about any party, consider the Bacon and Eggs costumes or the Peanut Butter and Jelly costumes.
  • Gender Neutral. Gender-neutral costumes such as the Marshmallow Man, T-Rex or the Shark are great if you know that you want to re-use the costume or loan it to others. Anyone can put these costumes on since the face and body is covered, which makes them much more versatile than the gender-specific options on our list.

Make Sure You Choose an Appropriate Costume

Work parties are much different from private parties, and not everyone has the same sense of humor.

To avoid an uncomfortable situation, be sure that you take the crowd and the circumstances into consideration as you shop for a costume.

Will you be attending a G-rated party or something a bit more risqué? Whatever the crowd, make sure your theme matches!

Is It Easy to Remove for Bathroom Breaks?

When you need to head to the loo, your costume is going to go with you. It is something that you can easily remove and put back on again for a quick bathroom break or will you be forced to hold it for the entire length of the party?

These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing, especially if you’ll be at a party in a club or bar.

Top 3 Best Adult Halloween Costumes Reviews

1. Rubie’s Ghostbuster Marshmallow Men’s Costume

One of the best adult Halloween costumes for pretty much any party is the Ghostbuster Marshmallow Man. It is well-made, unique, and will make you a huge hit at your next Halloween party!

While it may seem like a hassle to wear when you’re driving a car or taking a bathroom break, it’s really not.

There is a fan that you turn on inside the costume that will keep it inflated, and when you need to deflate yourself to sit or use the facilities, just turn it off. The fan also keeps you cool, which is great because things can get pretty stuffy inside since it is made of 100% polyester.

The material was a bit thin, so be careful not to snag it on anything. Any puncture holes will cause the air to leak and make you look less puffy.

Turn a few heads and make a few people laugh by hopping into this costume. Be prepared to wash it often, though, as there is no way that the white material will stay clean for long!

2. Forum Women’s Bumble Bee Costume

Do you want a cute, G-rated costume for a family-friendly or work-friendly party? Consider Forum Novelties’ Bumble Bee.

It is assembled as a jumpsuit, complete with black mesh wings, antennae, and a stinger. The hood you wear on your head isn’t attached directly to the neck of the bee section but is a separate unit that you tie under your chin.

Keep in mind that this does not come with any footwear, so make sure you have some black shoes, flats or boots to wear with it, so you’re not walking around barefoot!

Would you like to wear this with your better half but don’t have a matching costume for them? Consider dressing them up as a beekeeper, and you’ll be the buzz of the party. It also works great if you want to wear it for trick-or-treating with the kids since you can always dress your little one up as the cutest little flower ever!

3. Jurassic World: Adult Inflatable T-Rex Costume

We had to include the T-Rex costume on our list, and even though we know that it isn’t the newest, most original idea anymore, that doesn’t seem to matter – it is still going strong even after being on the scene for a few years!

This costume is so much fun because it just makes anyone laugh out loud when he or she sees you in it. If you’re the class clown or jokester in the family, this is the perfect costume for you to wear since you can have so much fun wearing it.

There is a little mesh vent on the T-Rex’s throat that allows you to see and keeps the air flowing, but not very much air. This costume is notorious for being rather hot, and although it is well made, you will need to step outside for air regularly.

While this is one of the most hilarious costumes we tried, we also noticed that it gets you a lot of attention – some of which is negative. Make sure that you keep an eye on the tail before walking to make sure no one is stepping on it (which some do on purpose), and be prepared to take a lot of photos with people!