10 Best Beat Making Software 2020

Making beats is art. And you don’t have to own some recording studio in the center of New York City in order to make monster beats.

All you need to make the crowd lose their minds in your tracks is get the best beat making software and a laptop. And that’s it: you’re set to go!

In fact, you don’t even need to have past experience with producing music (although it would certainly help) to create beats in a beat making program.

Making a beat is basically dragging and dropping loops together and as a result getting a full song. Thus, you don’t need to be a Dr. Dre or Zedd to create dynamite-sounding beats.

Top 10 Beat Making Software Chart

PictureNamePlatformPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Ableton Suite 8 Full VersionWindows, Mac$$$$5.0
2. Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 Windows$$4.8
3. Acoustica Mixcraft 7 Windows$4.7
4. PreSonus Studio One 3 Artist Recording Windows$4.6
5. MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2016 Windows$4.3
6. Image Line Studio 12 Windows, Mac$$4.4
7. Steinberg Cubase Elements 8 Windows, Mac$4.0
8. Sony ACID Music Studio 10 Windows$3.6
9. Propellerhead Reason Essentials 8 Windows$3.6
10. Avid Pro Tools Software Windows, Mac$$$3.0

Things to Consider Between Beat Making Software

Choosing the best software to make beats depends on your level of expertise with audio software.

If you have zero to little experience with such software, you should consider getting beat making tools that are easy to use and come with an extensive loop library as well as feature a variety of virtual instruments.

But if you’re a more advanced musician, you’ll need the best beat making software in terms of the following criteria: (1) production, (2) plugins, (3) recording and (4) mixing.

  1. You need to look for beat making programs that have a large number of premade loops, which can help you put together a full song.

The production process also greatly relies on virtual instruments, which create a variety of instrument sounds and tones. It’s recommended to use a MIDI controller to truly see the benefits of virtual instruments.

Beat making software with a large variety of virtual instruments allows you to create unique sounds and polish the sounding of your tracks.

  1. Plugins is also a crucial part of finding your best beat making program, as they allow you to take a full control of the tone and texture of your recordings.

The more plugins a beat making software features, the more options you have in terms of how to improve your beats and how to better synchronize them with other elements of your audi.

  1. Recording musical instruments outside your laptop and outside the beat making software also plays a huge part in creating beats.

If you’re a seasoned guitar player or can play a wonderful track with drums, you’ll certainly find it helpful if a beat making program has high-quality recording capabilities.

In fact, you need to make sure that you can edit MIDI data within a beat making software.

  1. Mixing capabilities are provided by a beat making tool’s multi-band equalizers. It means that you can make your tracks sound exactly how you wish them to.

Another great thing about mixing is that you can use insert effects to the audio channels of your tracks. Insert effects make your beats sound more profound and include such effects as dynamics and delays.

In fact, the more effects you add to a single audio channel, the more options you get in terms of creating unique sounding.

Top 5 Best Beat Making Software Reviews

1. Ableton Suite 8

Ableton Suite 8 is the best software to make beats you can find on the market today. This program features a lot of drum kits and synthesizers that have the authentic feel.

This software has only the most useful features that allow you to create your own unique beats. It also has a variety of sound effects and plugins, which is one the benefits as we’ve discussed in ‘things to consider’ above.

Another great advantage of Ableton Suite 8 is that it’s the only beat making software in our today’s Top 5 chart that is compatible with Mac as well as Windows.

But just like with any other ‘suite’ edition software, Ableton Suite 8 takes up to 55GB of space on your laptop, which could be a problem for people with less-than-average laptops.

What also makes Ableton Suite 8 the best beat making software is the fact that it allows multitrack recordings up to 32-bit as well as MIDI sequencing of both virtual and physical instruments.

Ableton Suite 8’s library contains nearly 2,000 sounds, and all of them are unique.

2. Acoustica Mixcraft Pro

Mixcraft enters our today’s chart with its brand new Pro Studio 7 audio editing program, which allows to record more than just one MIDI and audio tracks simultaneously.

Its new Performance Panel allows you to put auto-sync audio and MIDI clip grooves live or straight in your studio.

Mixcraft’s loop library is comprised of nearly 9,000 royalty-free loops and sound effects in any style you want.

Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 also comes with 52 audio effects that allow you to get creative with making your beats sound more realistic and more in harmony with the rest of the track.

3. Acoustica Mixcraft 7

Acoustica has its own Mixcraft, but it’s nothing like our today’s two winners. Mixcraft 7 allows you to adjust your audio tracks with superb sounding time-stretching.

This audio software is great for making beats as it comes with pitch-shifting technology and features the step sequencer and piano roll editor, both of which allow you to create beats and different kind of patterns.

Although it’s not compatible with Mac, it features the Performance Panel, which, in combination with a MIDI controller and a Novation Launchpad, work wonders when creating beats.

Acoustica Mixcraft 7 also allows to easily create mashups with audio warping and song slicing, which is a great pro for an audio editing tool.

4. PreSonus Studio One

The Studio One 3 Artist Recording and Production Software by PreSonus takes our today’s No. 4 spot thanks to its Native Fat Channel plug-in as well as featuring 5 virtual instruments.

You can easily get creative with your beats thanks to this program’s compressor, parametric EQ, low-pass filter, gate and a limiter.

PreSonus also put an analog modeling synth in the Studio One 3, which comes with 36 native effects and provides you with useful tools for multitrack comping.

PreSonus Studio One 3 is compatible only with Windows operating system, but nonetheless it has received a high praise thanks to its step recording and event-based effects, both of which are known as crucial factors when making beats.

Another great advantage of this beat making program is that has a user-friendly interface and comes with a wide variety of audio and instrument tracks as well as numerous FX channels.

5. MAGIX Samplitude

With its nearly 20 professional virtual instruments, MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2016 rounds up our today’s top beat making software chart.

This program has numerous templates for playing and recording instruments, including bass, drum machines, guitars, pianos and synthesizer.

Another great thing about this program is its MAGIX Audio Remote app, which allows to start recording tracks and creating beats on your PC using the app.

The program’s 64bit and multicore support offer excellent performance for even the most challenging projects such as creating beats.

The only notable disadvantage of MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2016 is that it requires Internet connection in order to get started. You’ll need Internet to sign up and validate the software.