10 Best Cigar Cutters 2020

If you enjoy smoking a fine Cuban cigar, then you want only best cigar cutter to help you enjoy your smoking experience to the fullest.

Not only does having a great quality cigar cutter leave you with an edge of quality, it also carefully measures and cuts the exact amount from your cigar.

Here we take a look at the top 10 cigar cutters for your money and give a detailed review of our favorite three choices.

Consider Before Buying Cigar Cutters

When you’re considering a cigar cutter there are two main types. Most cigar smokers are only familiar with one type – the guillotine cutter, yet there is another type and one that is on the top of our list! There are benefits and negatives to both styles of cutter, let’s take a quick look:

  • Guillotine Cutters. Are traditional and slide over the end of the cigar. With most of these models, it is up to you to ensure you don’t cut too much from the end. There are a few models that have been designed to limit the amount of the cigar you can cut off but in most cases, you’ll snip off more than necessary.
  • V-Type Cutters. Are designed to cut a ‘V’ into the end of the cigar to facilitate Unlike guillotine cutters, the V-type cutter removes only a small portion of the cigar and can only take a small amount off.

Top 10 Cigar Cutters Comparison Chart

PictureNameFeaturesPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter, BlackV-type cutter, spring loaded, 2-year warranty$$$$4.8
2. ALASKA BEAR® - Cigar Cutter Stainless Steel Guillotine Double Cut BladeGuillotine type, stainless steel, self-sharpening blades, lifetime warranty$$4.7
3. Cigar Cutter Cuban Crafter's Perfect cc23 Guillotine type, self-sharpening blades, surgical grade stainless steel, lifetime warranty$$$4.7
4. Cigar Cutter Cuban Crafter's Perfect CC-24PERFECTOGuillotine type, self-sharpening blades, surgical grade steel$$$4.6
5. Mantello Cigars Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter Guillotine Double Cut BladeGuillotine type, stainless steel, lifetime warranty$$4.6
6. Escudo Cigar Cutter by True Guillotine type, pocket-sized, stainless steel$$4.5
7. Guillotine Cigar Cutter Stainless Steel & Tarnish ProofGuillotine type, stainless steel$4.0
8. Mantello Cigars® Guillotine Cigar CutterGuillotine type, pack of 3, stainless steel and plastic$$3.9
9. Mrs. Brog Guillotine Cigar Cutter - Mahogany Wood & Stainless Steel V-type cutter, mahogany wood, stainless steel$$3.8
10. Visol VCUT903 "Chrys" Stainless Steel V-Cut Cigar CutterV-type cutter, stainless steel, and plastic$$3.7

Buying Information

Buying the best cigar cutter requires knowing a little about your cigar and a lot about how best to cut it before lighting. There are cheap cutters available that do a poor job of snipping the end of your cigar off, whilst others excel. So what makes the two different?

  • Materials. Cigar cutters are best made from surgical stainless steel. Some cutters have plastic molding around stainless steel blades, but for our top picks, all stainless is the best choice.
  • Size. Cigar cutters need to be small enough to fit into a jacket pocket. You’ll likely be moving outside or to an office when you light your cigar so having a cutter that is easily stored in your pocket is a must.
  • V Cutters. We prefer V cutters to guillotine types, this is because V cutters remove far less from your cigar. You’ll be able to enjoy your cigar for that little bit longer with a V-type Why haven’t V cutters been more successful? Well, most of it comes down to Hollywood – guillotine simply looks cooler on the big screen.

Top 3 Best Cigar Cutter Reviews

1. Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter

Being made from very heavy duty material this is our favorite cigar cutter by far. It not only cuts a small amount from the end of the cigar, it catches the offcut so you don’t make a mess on the floor.

The V cutter works similar to a guillotine type, in that you pull the sides apart to lift the blades up, you then slide your cigar in and push the sides together again to cut through. This cigar cutter is super rigid and easy to use.

Having a cutter such as this one that effortlessly slides through your cigar is fantastic. No longer will you need to put up with crushed or torn cigar ends. Instead, you’ll become the envy of your smoking circle.

Cutting a V into the cigar gives far better draw when inhaling the smoke and reduces the amount of debris that comes into your mouth too.

2. ALASKA BEAR® – Cigar Cutter Stainless Steel

This is one of the most attractive cigars on our list. It cuts cigars quickly, easily and with ease. We’d go so far as to say that this cutter gives a perfect cut every time. We’ve road tested this cutter for almost a month now and it still cuts cigars as cleanly as the first day we used it.

Made completely of stainless steel, this cutter will never rust, taint or break. The blades will stay sharp forever with the self-sharpening mechanism – a great feature for any cigar cutter. We’ve never seen a better designed or manufactured cigar cutter.

3. Cigar Cutter Cuban Crafter’s Perfect cc23

The first thing you’ll notice with this cigar cutter is the weight. It is lightweight but dense. The all stainless steel construction will be exceptionally long lasting and will never rust, dent or break. In fact, the only way you’ll have to buy another cigar cutter is if you loose this one!

There are no rivets or screws on the outside of the cutter, and the blades are guaranteed to last for life. Whereas other cutters will eventually come loose with regular use, this cutter will stay as tight and usable as it’s the first day of the factory line.

The returns policy of the manufacturer is second to none. We tested out their response time by mailing back a cutter we had blunted and they mailed back a brand new cutter within just 7 days. No call or discussion needed.

We loved the metal guide that sits behind the blade. Not only does it ensure you make the perfect cut every time, you’ll finally have the confidence to cut your cigar without having to direct all your attention and focus to it.

This is the best cigar cutter for smokers who prefer guillotine cutters.