6 Best Daw Software 2020

It’s no easy task to get the best possible audio software (for editing, compressing, mastering, etc.) in just under 24 hours.

You’ll have to spend days looking for the best options out there, and finding the best daw software is no exception.

Daw (digital audio workstation) software is an essential part of music production process, which is why you should get familiar with today’s options.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of best daw programs to help you find what’s best for you and figure out which program can fully satisfy your needs today.

It’s been over a decade since the debate about which daw software is more superior than others emerged, and today we are here to once and for all settle that debate.

Top 6 Daw Software Table

PictureNamePlatformPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 7Windows$$$4.8
2. PreSonus Studio One Production SoftwareWindows$$4.6
3. FL Studio Producer, Edition 11 Windows$$$$4.6
4. Steinberg Cubase Elements 7 Windows, Mac$4.3
5. Cakewalk Sonar Artist Windows$$3.6
6. Ableton Live 9 Intro Mixing Software Windows, Mac$$3.6

Things to Consider About Daw Software

Things are constantly changing, evolving and improving, and daw software is no different.

Many people don’t want to spend a dime on their software so they opt for free options out there. But that’s a no-no in the daw software case.

There are dozens of free daw software out there, but that doesn’t mean you should use them.

First of all, it’s not good if you’re an amateur music producer and it’s certainly not the best daw software if you’re a professional musician.

If you’ve been googling daw programs lately, you may have noticed that there are limited and full versions.

Well, while limited versions of daw software tend to be cheaper than the premium once, they are more popular among both amateurs and professionals.

The thing about limited versions is that they have pretty much 95 percent of the same features as the full version, which is why you’ll hardly miss the remaining 5 percent.

The best option is to start with a limited version and then, if you’ll feel it’s necessary, you can easily upgrade to a premium version.

In such a way, you won’t have to learn a new program’s interface as you’ll already be familiar with most of its features.

Top 3 Best Daw Software Reviews

1. Acoustica Mixcraft Pro

Mixcraft Pro Studio 7, although not compatible with Mac, is our best daw software choice today.

This program allows you to record multiple MIDI and audio tracks simultaneously as well as features as many as 52 professional audio effects.

This version of Mixcraft Pro Studio enables auto-sync audio and MIDI clip grooves whether you’re recording your audio live or in the studio thanks to the Performance Panel.

You can easily choose a loop, sample and sound effect of your liking from the rich loop library comprised of 8,900 audio pieces of all styles.

Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 also offers 18 super-quality virtual instruments as well as comes with two new samplers, Alpha and Omni. With this tool, you can easily publish your music and videos directly to YouTube, Sound cloud, Mixcloud, etc.

This daw software contains lots of audio formats, which means you won’t need to convert your audio tracks.

2. PreSonus Studio One

Another leader of our today’s daw software chart that is also not compatible with Mac. But nonetheless, PreSonus Studio One 3 earns the No. 2 spot in our ranking.

This software is praised for its user-friendly interface, which allows you to work in a cool-looking single window and comes with multi-touch support.

This version of PreSonus Studio One features a great number of audio and instrument tracks as well as buses and FX channels, all of which are sought-after features of a daw program.

The program’s Mai Tai polyphonic synth as well as its Presence XT expandable sampler also earned it a high praise.

If you’re looking for superb quality of your recordings, the PreSonus offers 36 native effects and 5 virtual instruments that come in handy.

3. FL Studio Producer

This daw software can handle simultaneously capturing all the inputs on your audio track and allows you to do all kinds of audio editing.

The 11th edition of FL Studio Producer includes more than 30 software synthesizers and allows you to do harmonization, pitch correction, pitch shifting, audio warping as well as many other functions.

In fact, FL Studio Producer is considered to be the best choice for musicians working in such genres as Hip Hop, EDM as well as DJs who produce long sets.

And another great advantage of this daw software is that it’s probably the only daw program that offers free lifetime updates.