6 Best Embroidery Software 2020

Most buyers that are looking for embroidery software have an advanced understanding of the art itself but might not know too much about computers. This is exactly why they often make mistakes in purchasing software that is too advanced or, even worse, for a complete beginner.

To help guide you through making the choice between the many available options we have created a list of the best products on the market. We have also provided some great tips on choosing between the various choices.

Things to Consider

  • The Level of Complexity. The first thing that you need to consider is how complex you want your embroidery patterns to be. This will help you decide between those pieces of software that offer full customization and those that offer a few simple patterns.
  • Ease of Use. Very closely related to the level of complexity is how easy it is to use the software. Even if you would like to have highly complex patterns you should make sure that the software fits your level of experience and knowledge. The best embroidery software is the one that you can use confidently and to the best of your ability.
  • Organization vs. One-Off Attempts. On our list we have included software that can either offer you an organizer for a vast number of patterns or pieces of software that are designed to find you new and exciting options. You can decide what kind of software you would like before making the choice between these two different options.

Top 6 Embroidery Software Table

PictureNameBest FeaturePriceRating (1-5)
Best Feature
Rating (1-5)
1. BuzzXplore v2 Premier EmbroideryOne of the best design organizers available.$$$4.8
2. Embrilliance Essentials Embroidery A huge number of customization possibilities.$$$4.5
3. Amazing Designs LETTER ITFocused on lettering and comes with a choice of 35 fonts.$$4.1
4. Brother PE Design LiteIncredibly easy to use.$$$$3.9
5. Brother ELS Embroidery 20 pre-digitized fonts available for immediate use.$3.5
6. Amazing Designs DIGITIZE N STITCH A simple-to-use design wizard allows creations to be made in minutes.$$$3.0

Getting the Best Embroidery Software

When you are looking for the ideal software for embroidery you will be mainly looking at two aspects:

  • Customization. Being able to upload new patterns and to completely tailor the software to meet your needs means that you will not only have the exact starting position that you prefer but the software will also develop with your skills over time.

You should check how easy it is to change all of the settings on the software and also look at reviews to see exactly how well the software develops with the user’s needs.

  • Features. On our list we have included everything from those that focus on the most basic images right up to those options that supply wonderful lettering opportunities. Only the very best embroidery software will provide all of the features that are available, which means you need to first decide what kind of embroidery you will be focusing on and choose the software accordingly.

Top 3 Embroidery Software Reviews

1. BuzzXplore v2

When home embroidery is your passion, you can expand that and organize all of the designs that you have with BuzzXplore v2 Premier. This is more than just the basic software. It acts as a browser, viewer, organizer and processor.

This is an updated version of Buzz Tools and it is well worth the upgrade. It is even easier to use and it is easy to print a report of designs and in the actual size for placement too. One of the most used features is the converting designs aspect to make them more usable in general.

You also get more viewing capabilities with this software too. You can see more designs at once for comparing and further customization of the designs before printing a report.

2. Embrilliance Essentials

Whether you are new to embroidering or are experienced with using the software, you can do everything you could ever need to or want to with Embrilliance Essentials. You can use the tutorials that are part of the program or watch the many YouTube videos to learn the best ways to use it.

This is the best embroidery software because it will let you merge multiple designs, resize them, recolor them and create appliqué cutout designs and you can even use the program to manipulate specific areas of a design.

Considering the price and the amount of features you get with this option, you will not be disappointed with the results.

3. Amazing Designs LETTER IT!

When you need software that you can use for simple lettering as well as more complicated designs then Amazing Designs Letter IT! is an effective and quick program to use. It lets you merge text and designs into one saved project.

This kind of flexibility and this one feature alone works to save you time and make the process after the design stage even easier. You can purchase additional fonts but the ones that this program comes with are more than sufficient.

With the affordable price and how easy it is to use, you will always get great designs in the end that will impress even the most talented embroiderers when you are finished.