6 Best Flameless Candles 2020

Flameless candles are possibly one of the most under-appreciated types of decoration. They combine the unbeatable ambiance generated by ordinary candles but also take away all of the negatives, such as dripping wax, the fact they don’t last and the danger presented by a naked flame.

There are a wide range of flameless candles available and this makes it easy to find the exact style and atmosphere that you are going for. It is very difficult for a first-time buyer to know exactly which candles they should be opting for, so we have created this guide to help.

What to Look For

We have crafted a list of the best flameless candles available on the market, but before you look over the selection we have also provided a few things for you to keep in mind while you search:

  • Scented. In addition to having a candle that never runs out, you can have one that has a beautiful scent to match. This does often confine you to one scent for as long as you use the flameless candle but it can add a nice touch to the ambiance.
  • Realistic Bulb Effect. The best flameless candle is the one that you do not even realize is flameless. This means having a bulb and flame effects that make the color and the flickering look as natural as possible. You should also consider if there are of options to pulse and control the intensity of the bulb.
  • Additional Features. Having the technology that comes along with a flameless candle means having more control over how long the candles are on and how you deal with them. Consider the add-ons like a remote or timer for convenience.
  • Types Available. You can choose from tea lights, votive candles, tapers and pillars that come in all different sizes and colors.

Top 6 Flameless Candles Complete Comparison

PictureNameType of CandlePriceRating (1-5)
Type of Candle
Rating (1-5)
1. Homemory Realistic and Bright Flickering Bulb Battery OperatedVotive$4.6
2. Divine LEDs Flameless LED Tea Light CandlesTea Light$$4.6
3. LED Lytes Battery Operated Flameless Unscented Ivory Wax Pillar$$$4.6
4. Instapark LCL Series Battery-powered Flameless LED Tealight Tea Light$$4.5
5. Antizer Flameless Candles 4" 5" 6" Set of 3 Ivory Dripless Real Wax Pillar$$$$4.3
6. Banberry Designs LED Lighted Flickering Votive Style Flameless CandlesVotive$$3.8

Getting the Greatest Flameless Candles on the Market

Part of buying the right flameless candles for your needs means choosing one with the power source that will be able to meet with your desire to have the candle on and how it will fit into your décor.

This mainly comes down to the source of power that will be used for the candle; battery vs. plug. The battery option means you don’t have to deal with the ugly cords and can move the candles around freely but this does add to the cost of the candles over time.

For convenience the battery-powered flameless candles cannot be beaten but for general use, the plug-in ones can be useful.

Top 3 Best Flameless Candles Reviews

Which are the best flameless candles? We thought that these three stood out above the rest in terms of quality and price.

1. Homemory Realistic and Bright Flickering Bulb

The Homemory Realistic and Bright Flickering Bulb candles are the flameless option you have always wanted. First of all, they come with the batteries needed to use them right away and they are really easy to replace and always last for a long time.

The second thing you will notice is the style of these candles. The flame as a warm, rich color that is bright like a real flame and the wavy top makes it look like a wax candle that has melted slightly.

This is the best option for decorating in your home or for decorating a wedding reception because they are incredibly safe and you eliminate the risk of them going out or needing to be re-lit.

2. Divine LEDs Flameless LED Tea Light

The Divine LEDS Flameless Tea Light Candles have a warmer than normal flame. This means that the light you get off of these candles is akin to the dimmer light you get from candles as they are burning down.

The warmth of these tea lights is perfect for adding a cozy feeling or even some romance. The bulb for the flame does come up quite high but this only helps make the effect of the tea lights reach even further.

Considering how affordable and how long these candles will last, they really are a bargain that can be used again and again.

3. LED Lytes Battery Operated Flameless Unscented

The LED Lytes Battery Operated Flameless Unscented Ivory Wax pillar candles are the most realistic flameless alternative to real candles that you will find. The waxy outside makes them look and seem real even before you see them with the bulb on inside.

The amber/yellow flame is deep inside the pillar, giving you the effect that the candle has been used many times before. This helps to conceal the bulb and with the color of the light, you just assume the candle contains a real flame.

The curved tops of the pillars also add to the realistic effect that is so carefully achieved. The set of candles coming at different heights is also perfect for decorating.