10 Best Fly Traps 2020

Flies multiply at an astonishing rate, and what may seem like just a few pesky flies buzzing around your home can turn into a full-blown infestation quicker than you can blink an eye.

Most of us don’t have fly problems this serious, but controlling the population with the help of a trap can keep your yard, food, and your home cleaner.

Not sure which is the best fly trap to choose for your needs? We’ll be highlighting some of the top choices in our guide.

Read on to see what solutions our experts recommend to help keep these buzzing little pests under control.

Top 10 Fly Traps Table

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Flies Be Gone - Non Toxic Fly TrapBag$$$4.3
2. Rescue FTD Disposable Non-Toxic Fly Trap (2 PACK) Bag$$4.2
3. Catchmaster 904 Bug & Fly Clear Window Fly Traps - 3 Packs of 4 Traps Adhesive$$4.2
4. Victor M380 Fly Magnet Reusable Trap with Bait Bottle$4.0
5. Fly Web Fly TrapUV Light$$$$4.0
6. HouseGuard Sticky Fly Ribbons, Fly Catcher Ribbon - 16 Pack Sticky Ribbons$$4.0
7. BEAPCO 6-Pack Drop-Ins Fruit Fly Traps Cups$$$3.6
8. Pic FR10B Sticky Fly Ribbons, 10-Pack Sticky Ribbons$3.5
9. Aunt Fannie's FlyPunch! Fruit Fly Trap Jar$$3.3
10. RESCUE! FTR Non-Toxic Reusable Fly Trap Jar$$3.2

Types of Traps

You have choices when it comes to fly traps, so we will highlight some of the pros and cons to each one in this section.

  • UV Light. If you don’t want to worry about knocking over liquids or accidentally touching sticky materials, then a UV light is a very effective way to trap flies and other flying insects in your home.

Many flies are attracted to UV light (some species are not, however), and traps are either equipped with an electric zapping system or sticky sheets that often contain pheromones that will help attract the flies.

Zappers cannot be used in any areas where food is prepared since their body parts can still float around in the air, so if you’re looking for something to use in a kitchen or facility, opt for one with a sticky adhesive inside.

  • Sticky Solutions. Ribbons that hang or adhesive strips that you place on windows are another way to trap unwanted flies.

These are coated with a substance that attracts the flies, and the sticky surface will prevent them from leaving once they have landed.

Since they are rather unsightly, the best place for them is outdoors or in a garage.

  • Bottles, Bags, and Containers. Bottles, bags and other containers have a way for flies to enter but they can’t get back out once they’re inside.

These usually contain a liquid (or require you to add water) that will attract them, and once inside, they’ll eventually drown.

Some of these are reusable (you empty the contents and clean between uses) or disposable if you want a simple, hands-off approach to disposing of the flies.

Traps for Fruit Flies

The best fly trap for fruit flies is different from one that targets regular flies.

As their name suggests, they are attracted to fruit, and they thrive in moist places, which is why you find them most often in the compost bin or near the sink in your kitchen.

If you need something to help you rid your home of a fruit fly infestation, you should try the BEAPCO Drop-ins Fruit Fly Traps or the Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch! Fruit Fly Trap.

Feel like trying something that you probably already have in your pantry? A simple mixture of apple cider vinegar, dish soap, a small piece of old fruit and water in a jar might do the trick!

Top 3 Best Fly Trap Reviews

1. Flies Be Gone – Non Toxic Fly Trap

A small bag with a little bait inside is one of the best fly trap devices out there.

The bag can hold up to 20,000 flies, and all you need to do is add the bait and some water, mix, and it’s ready to hang.

It features a one-way funnel entry that flies can enter but cannot get out of, and since the bait is activated by heat, you should place it in direct sunlight so that the scent will dissipate into the air. You’ll have flies buzzing over to it in no time.

Since it is not the most attractive option on the list, we recommend it for outdoor use. Hang it by a patio, a picnic table, in animal stables or anywhere that the files seem to gather and this trap will fill up quickly.

While it is a bit pricey, it is effective. We recommend getting several for serious fly problems.

2. Rescue FTD Disposable Non-Toxic Fly Trap

Rescue FTD’s reusable fly trap is similar to the previous one. It features a one-way entry system, and all you do is add water to the bag.

It is another suitable option for outdoor use, and each bag can hold between 15,000-20,000 flies (they give you this range because it depends on how large the flies are).

While it is more cost-efficient, we must say that it wasn’t nearly effective as Flies Be Gone. The bait in Flies Be Gone seems to be a bit more appealing, so if you have serious problems, you might want the stronger stuff.

For most, however, spending less money on a flytrap is probably the more likely path, and if that’s the case for you, Rescue FTD will work just fine.

3. Catchmaster Clear Window Fly Traps

Moving from outdoor traps to something that will work indoors, we have the Catchmaster window adhesives.

These non-toxic, rectangular adhesives are designed to help catch flies in one of the most likely places that they’ll go in your home: the window.

Since flies are attracted to light, their natural reaction, once they are inside in a darker area, is to get back to a brighter location. You’ll be ready for them, however, thanks to this handy little adhesive.

They get stuck to it instantly.

They provide you with three packs, and each one contains four traps, and you can always cut them into smaller strips if you want to be extra resourceful.