10 Best Fountain Pens 2020

With all of the tablets, smart phones, computer and technology available these days, what’s the point of writing things by hand?

If you’re searching for the best fountain pen, then you already know the answer to that question.

It’s an art form, it connects you to the message or the thoughts that you write and it’s a reminder that old traditions are capable of withstanding the test of time.

Whether you’re new to the fountain pen or you are looking for something new to add to your existing collection, we will highlight the top ten fountain pens for you below.

Why a Fountain Pen?

Why not a regular ballpoint pen, a pencil or a felt tip pen?

Plenty of reasons. Writings with a fountain pen is more comfortable (you don’t have to use as much pressure as you write to get the ink on the paper), the ink dries quicker (which is great for those who write left-handed) and they are more environmentally-friendly than the typical disposable pens (especially if you opt for pens with piston or eyedropper ink filling systems, which we’ll discuss more below).

Fountain pens also make great gifts. If you have a friend that is into calligraphy, if you know a businessperson who travels and prefers to use something more dependable than a ballpoint pen or if you want something that you can personalize as a wedding gift, then a quality fountain pen is an excellent choice.

First Thing to Consider

Those of you who are new to fountain pens should start by choosing the size of the pen nib.

There are several sizes.

  • Broad
  • Medium
  • Fine
  • Extra Fine

From there, you will also need to consider the shape of the nib.

  • Round
  • Stub
  • Italic

The nib is probably the most important part of the pen. You may try one style of nib and decide that you don’t like it because it doesn’t offer you the results you expected. This is probably due to your particular writing style, so if it’s your first time buying a fountain pen then you may want to have several nibs to try in order to find the one that matches your particular writing style.

Have a look at all our top pen suggestions below and then we’ll discuss some more things you should look at as you make your choice.

Top 10 Fountain Pens Complete Chart

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Pilot 61096$$$$4.6
2. Waterman S0951660$$$4.5
3. Parker 1760841$$4.5
4. MUJI Aluminum Fountain Pen$4.5
5. Pilot 60741$$$$4.4
6. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen$$4.4
7. Lanxivi Duke Fountain Pen Interchangeable Calligraphy Pen Leather Pen Case Set$$4.2
8. Lanxivi Hero Silver Flower Embossment Fountain Pen Iridium Medium Poit Pen Pouch Gift Box Set$$4.2
9. Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen$4.2
10. JinHao 250 Stainless Steel Gold Trim Fountain Pen$3.9

Ink System

Four more choices when it comes to the ink system inside the pen:

  • Cartridge. This is the most common type. These ink cartridges are disposable, but some pens will only take certain sizes. Most are universal and you use them in a variety of pen brands, but others will only take cartridges of the same brand. Just something to think about as you shop!
  • Converter. These are reusable and they allow you to refill them with bottled ink as necessary. You have more color options with these pens, but they don’t always hold as much ink as the disposable cartridges.
  • Piston Fillers. Just like a syringe, this allows you to dip the nib directly into the inkbottle and vacuum it into the pen, no cartridges involved.
  • Eyedropper. Again, this is where the barrel of the pen acts as the ink reservoir, but rather than suctioning it up through the nib, you will use an eyedropper to add ink to the barrel from the opposite end of the pen.

Top 5 Best Fountain Pen Reviews

1. Pilot 61096

For those who are serious about writing and value the experience that it gives you, this is the best fountain pen on our list.

It is crafted with an 18-karat gold nib plated in dark metal, a durable metal barrel with metallic finish and a retractable nib with a hidden trap door that prevents the pen from drying out.

The pen also comes in quite a few color options and you can choose your preferred nib: broad, medium, fine or extra fine. You choose the ink filling system, as well. It comes with a standard cartridge (blue ink) and a converter if you have a preferred ink brand and color that you’d like to use.

There is no cap needed for this pen, it has a pocket clip and it comes with a gift box that you can store it in when you’re done writing.

You won’t regret the purchase. This is a serious writing tool that you’ll be using for years!

2. Waterman S0951660

Looking for a classy, business pen that will reflect your sophisticated style and make jotting down notes (or important documents) a bit easier? Try the Expert pen from Waterman, which is expertly crafted in France.

It features a unique, cigar-shaped silhouette and 23-karat gold-plated stainless steel nib and a converter ink filling system.

This has two nib sizes to choose from: medium or fine. It provides you with bold lines and fluid curves and a smooth ink flow as it glides across the paper.

Waterman has been making pens since 1883, and the brand is still going strong today. A quality pen that will help you rediscover the lost art of writing by hand.

3. Parker 1760841

The ergonomic design of this Parker pen make it comfortable to hold and a tip that delivers clean, precise marks as you write.

The piston refill system allows you to choose from a variety of ink colors and it feels great to write with.

Those who are just starting out with fountain pens but don’t want to start out too cheap will find this to be an excellent writing tool, however if you are searching for an upgrade, you might want to consider the Pilot or the Waterman we showed you above.

4. MUJI Aluminum Fountain Pen

Very entry level, this is great fountain pen for those who don’t want to make a huge investment but still like the way a fountain pen writes.

Anyone who travels will love how durable it is and the nib offers pretty impressive results for the price range. It’s not as fancy as some of the other pens and it will only take disposable cartridges (converters don’t seem to fit it that well).

We suggest that you opt for a different ink cartridge than the one provided with it. Opt for something a little higher in quality.

5. Pilot 60741

This Pilot Namiki Falcon fountain pen deserves to be higher on our list in terms of quality, yes, but for the price, it lost a few notches.

While it is very expensive, we can say that it is worth every penny if you’re willing to invest so much.

It has a flexible hooded nib (18 karat gold), of which you can choose if you want a broad, medium, fine or extra fine tip. It comes with a blue ink cartridge and a converter of the same brand, along with an elegant box so you can store it safely on your desk or give it as a gift.

Writing with it will provide you with a soft, flexible sensation as you whisk across the paper.

If you want a quality writing tool and you understand the value of this a good pen, then we say go for it!