10 Best Halloween Costumes for Men 2020

When it comes to choosing a Halloween costume, every guy wants something that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. When you do a quick search on the internet to look for inspiration, however, the results are overwhelming.

In our guide, we will simplify your search by helping you understand the most important aspects of costume shopping and provide you with a list of options that are sure to be a hit at your next party.

Whether you’re looking for something humorous, comfortable, classic or scary, you will find some of the best Halloween costumes for men here in this useful guide.

Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Men Ultimate Table

PictureNameSize(s)PriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Rasta Imposta Bacon Strip CostumeOne Size$4.7
2. CosplaySky Star Wars Jedi Robe Costume Obi-Wan Kenobi Halloween OutfitXX Small – 3X$$$$4.6
3. California Costumes Men's Pimp Costume M, L, XL$$4.5
4. California Costumes Men's Horror Robe Costume M, L, XL$4.5
5. Rubie's Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume, Uni-Sex One Size$$$4.4
6. California Costumes Brave Roman Gladiator Adult Costume- S, M, L, XL$$4.4
7. Top Gun Men's Flight Suit Adult Costume Small – 3X$$4.3
8. Rasta Imposta Squirrel Costume One Size$$$$4.3
9. elope Where's Waldo Adult Costume Kit XS - XL$4.0
10. Rubie's Costume Co - Pennywise Mask One Size$$$3.9

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Costume

Most choose a costume simply because they like it, but when you take the time to consider the small details, you will be able to enjoy both party and costume on Halloween night.

  • Easy to Remove. When nature calls, the costume comes off. Unfortunately, some costumes are rather time-consuming to remove and might even require the help of another party guest.

If you’re at a club or a venue that is packed with guests and tiny bathrooms, then some costumes may present a problem when it comes to using the facilities.

  • Size. Will the costume accommodate your tall frame or will the one-size-fits-all be too small for you?

Check out other people’s comments regarding size and fit since you’re bound to find someone of your same build and frame who has tried it.

  • Heat. Is the costume going to keep you warm enough on a cold, crisp evening, or will it overheat you on a packed dance floor?

Consider your comfort and the temperature when selecting your ideal Halloween costume.

  • Driving. Do you need to drive with the costume on or will you be able to put it on once you have arrived at your destination?

Obviously, safety is your biggest priority, so if parts of your costume block your line of sight while driving, at least leave them off until you arrive.

Top Costume Styles

Here are some of the best Halloween costumes for men of all ages and tastes.

  • Movie Themed. From superheroes to iconic movie characters, dressing up like your idol is always a good option.

Star Wars Fans will enjoy the Cosplaysky Star Wars Obi-Wan-Kenobi Robe while Top Gun fans can become Maverick for a night with the Leg Avenue Top Gun Flight Suit.

We included a good mixture of choices in our guide, so use all of our tips to help you decide which costume to wear this Halloween.

5 Best Halloween Costumes for Men Reviews

1. Rasta Imposta Bacon Strip Costume

For teens and adult males who love bacon, this costume is a dream come true.

To be clear, this is like a tunic that you wear over your regular clothes. The black shirt and black pants you see are not included. The bacon itself is made of polyester, and since this material isn’t breathable, you might get a little sweaty in it.

The cut out for the face isn’t huge, so expect to see just a small portion of the face.

If you’re a humorous guy who wants a costume that is easy to put on and remove throughout the night, consider this bacon strip.

If your other half wants to dress up to match you, there are plenty of great egg costumes and pancake costumes floating around out there.

2. CosplaySky Star Wars Jedi Robe Costume

Star Wars fans love this Obi-Wan-Kenobi outfit complete with tunic, tabard, belt pants and a removable robe.

The pants are made of a mixture of cotton and linen, which makes them stretchy yet durable. It is also breathable material, so if you’ll be indoors, you won’t overheat. Those who will be outdoors might consider wearing a base layer under the pants to keep warm.

The sizing chart is different from the standard US system, so be sure that you double check to make sure the “Small” that you are interested in will actually fit you. Again, just like the bacon costume, this one is easy to remove when you need to use the facilities, and you won’t have a problem driving in it.

Make sure you get some boots to help complete your look!

3. California Costumes Men’s Pimp Costume

Want to stroll into a party like you own the joint? If so, dress up in this pimp costume to show everyone “who’s their daddy!”

You get the jacket, pants, and hat with this costume, so the rest of the details are up to you.

If you’re tall with a larger build, then you can probably fit into an X-Large without a problem. Guys over 6 feet and in the 250 range seem to have no problem wearing this, and guys who are under 6 feet and slimmer do well with the Medium size.

It is an affordable costume on its own, but if you want to make it authentic, you’ll probably have to invest a bit more into some accessories. There are so many accessory possibilities with this costume, too! You can add some bling, carry around a stereo, use a cane, wear large rings, etc. It is also great for couples (she can dress up in a sexy costume).

4. California Costumes Men’s Horror Robe Costume

If you want a slightly scary costume that covers your face, then the Horror Robe is perfect for your Halloween party.

This costume does tend to get a bit stuffy since it is made of polyester, so if you are indoors, you might want to opt for a t-shirt underneath and some jeans or sweats on your legs.

The face panel attaches via Velcro, so you can easily remove it if you want to drink something or head outside for a smoke break (if you smoke). Tall men find it to work especially well, but remember that it does not include the scythe. You will have to purchase that separately.

Another way to have some fun in this costume is by dressing up in it on Halloween night and becoming a human prop for your Halloween décor. Pop out and scare unsuspecting trick-or-treaters as they walk by since they can’t tell if you’re fake or real.

5. Rubie’s Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume

There has been a surge in popularity of this costume in the past few years, so at this point, you probably won’t be the only one wearing it at a big party.

The suit has a fan inside that helps keep it inflated. It is definitely on the stuffy side, too, so if you’re indoors at a party, you’re going to have to head outside for some air. There is a mesh vent on the throat, but it doesn’t allow that much air inside.

Be prepared for a lot of attention in this – some wanted, and some un-wanted as people dent to poke and pull at the costume as you walk by. You will receive hundreds of selfie requests and people will touch you!

One of the main reasons to love this costume is that you can use it pretty much anywhere, anytime. You aren’t limited to just Halloween night.