10 Best Halloween Masks 2020

Whether Halloween is just around the corner – or you’re just trying to get a head start after forgetting to buy a costume last year – Halloween masks are always fun to shop for.

There are so many different choices – novelty, superhero masks, scary masks, masks licensed from horror movies – sometimes it gets hard to pick out a mask that you’ll love.

Well, we’re here with a list of some of the best Halloween masks you can get – ranging from the funny to the macabre – and everywhere in between. Check it out, and get your costume for next year on lock!

What to Consider When Buying Halloween Masks

When buying Halloween masks, there are a few considerations. Here are a couple you may want to consider.

  • Scary vs. Funny. Do you want your costume to be funny, or to be scary? This often depends on personal preference – some people don’t like it when they’re laughed at, even when their costume is funny – it makes them uncomfortable.

If you do like laughing along with a crowd, a funny costume can be a great conversation starter, and lead to a great night out or a fun time at a costume party.

Scary masks are another option – ranging from monsters to commercially licensed creatures, these can be a great way to put together a costume that’s true to the spooky, scary origins of All Hallow’s Eve.

  • Cost. Cost can be another major consideration – you may only wear this mask once or twice per year – so some people don’t like to invest a ton of money in their Halloween costumes.

If you plan to participate in a serious contest and details are key, then it may be worth it to invest a bit more into a quality mask. Also, if you know that you’ll use it again for future Halloween festivities, then you’ll probably want to spend a bit more.

Top 10 Halloween Masks Table

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Costume Prop Horror Hockey Halloween MyersPlastic Front Face Mask – Elastic Closure$4.5
2. Zagone Studios Men's Supersoft Doa MaskFull Face Latex Mask$$$$4.5
3. Accoutrements Horse Head MaskFull Face Latex Mask$$4.5
4. Loftus Long-Nosed & White Venetian Adult MaskFront Face Mask – Ribbon Closure$4.4
5. NIGHT-GRING Frightening Wire Halloween CosplayPlastic Front Face Mask – Elastic Closure$$4.3
6. Donald Trump LATEX MaskFull Face Latex Mask$$4.3
7. Batman The Dark Knight Rises Full Batman MaskFull Face Mask$$4.3
8. CreepyParty Deluxe Novelty Latex Halloween Mask Full Head Mask BabyFull Face Latex Mask$4.2
9. California Costumes Werewolf MaskFull Face Polyurethane Mask$4.2
10. KINGMAS Saw Movie Jigsaw Puppet Mask Halloween Full Mask Head Latex Creepy ScaryFront Face Latex Mask$$4.0

How to Choose

There are a couple of other important variables that will influence your mask purchasing decision and we would like to discuss them in this section.

  • Mask Design. Nowadays, there are a lot of different masks on the market, ranging from small, eye-and-cheek-covering models to full-face coverage latex masks. The type of mask you choose should depend on what you want your costume to look like – but also what you’re going to be doing while wearing it.

For example, the Horse Mask reviewed below is a hilarious, fun mask to wear – but it’s quite difficult to see out of, and makes drinking hard – if you’re going to be going somewhere new, or drinking a lot, you may be interested in a mask that’s slightly easier to maneuver in and see out of.

Full face masks also tend to make the wearer more sweaty than smaller, lower profile masks, and can be a bit constricting and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. If you don’t mind that, they’re certainly terrific and realistic – but it’s something to bear in mind.

  • Materials Used. Most masks today are made from either a hard plastic, or a soft latex or polyurethane blend. Mainly, this is important for allergies – some people are extremely allergic to latex, and cannot have it contacting their skin.

It’s a good idea to make sure you get a mask that you’re not allergic to, otherwise your fun Halloween night out could turn into a literal nightmare.

Beyond that, the main factor is smell – latex and polyurethane mass-manufactured masks tend to be a little smelly, so if you get these products in advance, it’s a good idea to air them out and perhaps dust them with talc or baby powder to aid in removing the chemical smell of plastic and rubber.

 Top 3 Best Halloween Masks Reviews

1. Costume Prop Horror Hockey Halloween Myers

Though this mask may say it’s based off of Michael Myers, anyone who is familiar with classic horror movies will recognize the iconic hockey mask worn by Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th film franchise.

This mask is a faithful reproduction of that mask – complete with worn in grime and dirt in the paint job to simulate the wear and tear that Jason himself goes through while chasing unsuspecting teenagers through the woods. It also comes in 4 colors, featuring a totally black version, and three alternate yellow versions with different color schemes and wear patterns.

The mask is very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, as it has vents and a comfortable 3-strap elastic backing that doesn’t pull hair, or get too tight.

If you want your costume to pay tribute to one of the true classics of modern horror cinema, this mask is perfect for you.

2. Zagone Studios Men’s Supersoft Doa Mask

If price is no object for you, and you want an incredibly realistic and durable mask that will last you for years – if not decades – this mask by Zagone Studios is a great choice.

It doesn’t come cheap, but this mask is absurdly realistic – painstakingly rendered from a high-quality polyester rubber, it features hundreds of wrinkles, sculpt lines, and a highly realistic mouth with missing teeth, along with realistic ears and an extensive neck that tucks perfectly into a collar to complete a seamless look.

This mask is also quite comfortable – the polyester rubber isn’t too constricting, and it tends to conform well to the face of the wearer after a few hours, giving it an even more realistic appearance, and feeling like a second skin.

Possible applications include a group costume – Weekend at Bernie’s, anyone? – or any costume in which you need to look suitably old and wrinkled.

3. Accoutrements Horse Head Mask

This Horse Head Mask by Accoutrements is one of the funniest options on our list. Crafted out of a lightweight latex rubber, and complete with highly realistic eyes, ears, mouth, and even a mane made of a synthetic hair, this mask is sure to turn heads.

This mask is absolutely hilarious – the entire face and mouth of the horse move when you move, so when you wobble your head from side-to-side, the effect is astonishing.

How do you see out of the mask, you might ask? Simple! You peer out from the horse’s nose-holes, giving you a very limited field of vision – but adding to the realism of this hilarious mask.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, quality mask that’s sure to be a conversation starter, you won’t want to miss out on this Horse Head Mask by Accoutrements.