10 Best Heating Pads 2020

Heating pads have many different purposes, which can make it difficult to choose which one is the best for you. For treating any ache or pain, having a heating pad around when you need one is obviously preferable to having to go out and buy one. Spending the time to purchase one before you need it means having the time to get familiar with the different features and options available.

The most popular and possibly the most effective heating pads available are electric. They do not lose their heat like the packs that need to be microwaved and they are often adjustable with settings to control the heat. Understanding that, our list of top products and this entire guide are built around discovering the best heating pad powered by electric.

Aspects of an Electric Heating Pad to Consider

  • Usage. Basically, what will you be using the heating pad for? Women may find it helpful to use this a heating pad once a month while others may find it to be occasionally used for back pains. This can help you decide on the shape and the size of the heating pad needed.
  • Settings. Most heating pads have dials now to control the amount of heat that is being put out. This can be as simple as low and high or more specific to the purpose of that exact level of heat. You should consider how complicated or precise you need the settings of the heating pad to be.
  • Safety. There is the danger with electric heating pads for them to overheat as they age or to be a fire hazard. Many heating pads have a built in safety shut off feature that may turn the heating pad off every hour. While this is good if you are forgetful, if you are not then this feature may interrupt your treatment when you need to turn the pad back on every hour. In any case, users should practice extreme caution to avoid damage to themselves and the area where the heating pad will be used.

Top 10 Heating Pads Comparison Chart

PictureNameSizePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Sunbeam 2013-912 Xpress Heat Microplush Heating Pad12” x 24”$$4.4
2. Theratherm Large Digital Moist Heat Pad14” x 27”$$$$4.3
3. Sunbeam 938-511 Microplush King Size Heating Pad12” x 24”$$4.3
4. Thermophore MaxHeat Pad14” x 14”$$$4.3
5. Sunbeam 732-500 King Size Heating Pad12” x 24”$4.2
6. Reliamed Moist Heat Digital Pad14” x 27”$$$$4.2
7. BodyMed® ZZHP1427B 14" x 27" Digital Electric Moist Heating Pad14” x 27”$$$$4.1
8. Thermotech Automatic Digital Moist Heating Pad Heating Pad26” x 14”$$$4.1
9. Sunbeam 764-511 King Size Moist/Dry Heating Pad12” x 24”$$4.1
10. MaxHeat by SoftHeat Plus Heating Pad12” x 15”$3.8

Buying the Best Heating Pad for You

You certainly want to get the best value for your money. To help you achieve this, consider the following when you go to buy the best heating pad to meet your needs:

  • Dry. Moist or Combination: Moist heat is more effective in relieving pain while dry heat is better for relaxation as it requires less work to set it up. If you think you will need both options then there are many heating pads that come with the two together.
  • Cleaning. Some heating pads come with covers that are easy to wash while others can be washed by hand or even thrown into the washing machine whole. As the heating pad should be cleaned on a regular basis, it is crucial that you find one you are willing to clean. The ones with the covers are recommended.
  • Comfort. The general purpose of the heating pad is to provide you with relaxation, pain relief and comfort. Many heating pads come with added cushion to make the pad feel more like a pillow while others have a plush cover so the material feels nice when being used in direct contact with the skin. Flexible and pliable fabrics and materials are best for comfort and to ensure the heating pad can be used on many different areas of the body effectively.

Top 5 Best Heating Pads Reviews

1. Sunbeam 2013-912

The Sunbeam 2013-912 Xpress Microplush is one of the best models on the market. It heats up quickly and even has the option to stay on continuously so there is no need to deal with the auto shut-off feature. The padding of this model of heating pad is incredibly flexible which makes it great for heating up areas of the body other than just the back. This also means that it is soft enough to curve around body parts rather than just stiffly lay on top.

Obviously this model is not as easy to clean as plastic heating pads but it can be hand washed or even put in the machine on gentle. This is something that makes it great for frequent use as it can be cleaned easily and often.

2. TheraTherm 1032

For healthcare purposes, the Theratherm Digital Moist is effective and easy to use. This model is comfortable with a soft material and a great size to use for back pains and for large areas of the body. The comfort of this heating pad is probably the best feature. It comes with a soft flannel cover over an already nicely padded product.

The size of this heating pad is relatively standard, which means that it is easy to use on different parts of the body.  While some pads are shaped for specific parts of the body, this is a great one to have around at all times for any aches and pains.

3. Sunbeam 938-511

Having the Sunbeam 938-511 Microplush LED means the end of back pain and the beginning of comfortable and hot treatments. This model is really easy to operate and can be used frequently without becoming dirty or worn out as it can be washed easily. The LED controller is great for getting to a more specific temperature. Being able to get to temperatures by using the 4 personalized settings rather than general settings is great for using this heating pad as recommended by doctors and professionals.

One of the best things about this heating pad is that it also has a 2-hour automatic shut off. This is more than enough time to relieve pain without overdoing it and it is also a great safety feature without being annoying and needing to be turned on every 20 minutes.

4. Thermophore 156

Whether the heating pad has been recommended by a doctor or is just being used for everyday pains, the Thermophore MaxHeat is a great one of the have around the house for everyday use. These heat up incredibly quickly and are always effective in giving out heat that gets deep into the muscles.

This is not a flimsy plastic heating pad with a stiff cover. This one is plush and comfortable. It is even soft enough to be used as you sleep. This model has an auto shut off feature that becomes active after about 20 minutes of use. This is the recommended time for heating any aches and is also a great safety feature for anyone that is prone to falling asleep while the heating pad is on.

5. Sunbeam 732-500

Men and women alike can find great pleasure in using the Sunbeam 732-500 Ultra Heat Technology. It is large enough to be used for the entire back and is also comfortable enough to be used on the stomach too. This model does not have the safety shut-off feature, which means that those that like longer heat treatments can have peace while they use the heating pad rather than having to worry about turning the pad back on.

The power cord for this heating pad is also quite long too which means that it can easily be used anywhere in the house. The digital controller also makes the temperature and the amount of heat that you want to have more specific than just on or off.