10 Best Karaoke Machines 2017

Looking for a home karaoke machine or something to use in your business? There are a lot of choices out there!

In our guide below, we’ll help you understand what to look for as you shop and what to think about before you buy one. Find the best karaoke machine for your needs below!

Important Features

If you haven’t ever purchased a karaoke machine or you aren’t familiar with the type of models available today, here are some important features that you should look for when shopping:

  • Screen. Some karaoke machines have a built-in screen while others allow you to connect them to a tablet, TV, computer or even a smartphone.

It’s important that the machine have some kind of screen so that you can read along with the lyrics as you sing.

  • User Friendly. Unless you require a professional karaoke machine that will be operated by someone with plenty of experience, look for something that is user friendly that you can plug-and-play.
  • Sturdiness. If your karaoke machine will be traveling around from one place to another, then look for something that is sturdy.
  • Features. The screen, which we already mentioned, is one of the most important features, and from there you can decide which other features are important based on the way you plan to use it.

Audio voice control, the ability to use multiple microphones, echo control and digital key control are all things to consider as you make your selection.

Top 10 Karaoke Machines Complete Table

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
1. Memorex MKS-SS2 SingStand 2 Home Karaoke System$$4.4
2. Electrohome Karaoke Machine Speaker System CD+G Player$$4.1
3. The Singing Machine SML-385W Disco Light Karaoke System$4.1
4. Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player$4.1
5. Electrohome Karaoke Machine Portable Speaker System CD+G/MP3+G Player$$4.0
6. Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System$$$$3.9
7. Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System$$$3.9
8. Singing Machine SMC4TVBL CDG Karaoke Player$3.8
9. Akai Karaoke KS800 Front Load CD+G Karaoke System$$3.8
10. Karaoke USA Karaoke System$$$3.7

Media System Format

There are a couple of media system choices.

  • Disc Player. These are multi-format machines that can play CDs, CD+G, DVDs, MP3, VCD and other types of discs.
  • Hard Drive Player. This has one or more internal hard drives that allow you to import songs from karaoke discs or else stored on software (on a computer).
  • Computer. Using a computer or laptop is the best way to handle your karaoke play list. Specially designed software will store all of your music and it gives you access to many other songs that are available for purchase. Zero limitations, but it does require a lot of careful planning in order to keep your song files properly named and organized. This type of set-up is best for those who have experience with karaoke machines and computers.

Speaker System

How important is the level of sound quality to you? If you have karaoke night every Thursday at your local business (a bar or lounge), then it’s worth it to invest in quality karaoke gear, with emphasis on the sound quality.

Here are the options.

  • Built-in Speakers. Get a machine with a built-in speaker if you plan to use your karaoke machine for private use. It is easier to travel with it if you plan to take it to karaoke night at various friends’ homes (it is one unit rather than several large, bulky pieces).
  • External Speakers. For more professional sound quality, stick with external speakers.

Top 5 Best Karaoke Machine Reviews

1. Memorex MKS-SS2

The unique and creative space-saving design concept of this karaoke machine is what makes it stand out from the others.

It’s like a music stand, floor microphone and a karaoke machine incorporated into one single unit.

The speakers are located at the base of the stand, it has a smartphone or tablet rest at the top so you have your screen and lyrics readily available, and it also includes a main microphone with an additional microphone jack if you need to sing duets.

It features a guitar or keyboard input if you would like to play along with the music as you sing, enhanced voice controls and an amplified speaker system that provides you with surprisingly good sound quality. It also has echo and voice control (AVC) to help balance the audio.

This is the best karaoke machine for home use and great for those who want something that offers easy, straightforward setup.

2. Electrohome EAKAR300

The Electrohome Karaoke Machine is like a portable speaker that just happens to let you sing out of it. Very convenient and compact, this is a great choice if you need something that travels well. From parties with your friends to a birthday bash for the kids, this little machine packs a punch.

It features a built-in speaker system that will play CD/CD+G /MP3 media, you can connect easily connect it to any TV or computer screen to view the lyrics and it allows you to stream online music directly from your smartphone or laptop. Like this previous model, this also has voice-enhancing effects such as Digital Echo Control and an Auto Voice Control (AVC) singing coach.

It is similar in price and quality to our number one choice, so if you like both of them, the main difference between them is the set up and the size, this being a bit more compact.

3. Singing Machine SML-385W

This top-load CD player will be the life of your next dance party and give any party divas the chance to show off their singing skills in the process. The exciting LED disco lights and dimmer settings will let you create your own private club in any space.

It features AVC, balance control, built-in speakers, it will play both CDs and CD+G media, offers echo control and has RCA output jacks that allow you to easily connect it to your TV so you can read along with the lyrics as you sing.

This is a great budget-friendly option for those who will use it occasionally. A great little machine at an affordable price!

4. Singing Machine SML-283P

If you run a daycare, have kids that love to sing or want something fun to bring to birthday parties, then you need the Singing Machine SML283BK karaoke player.

The model comes in two colors (black or pink) and has all the basic features your little ones need to enjoy a day (or night) of singing.

This CD+G player is compact, lightweight and has exciting lights that will pump up the excitement of those who are singing. It features AVC, balance control, built-in speakers and echo control, which are all the features your kids will need to have fun.

This is most suitable for kids, but works fine for adults who are looking for a very basic karaoke machine to use on occasion.

5. Electrohome EARKAR535

Higher in quality and slightly higher in price is the Electrohome Karaoke Machine.

This portable machine features two built-in speakers, both CD/CD+G and MP3/MP3+G media system, has a built-in screen for lyrics and has two microphone inputs for singing duets.

The digital echo and key controls provide you with quality, rich sound, along with the handy AVC singing coach in case you can’t quite remember the lyrics.

Hook it up to your TV to follow along with the lyrics and hook it up to your smartphone, tablet or computer to stream online karaoke music directly to the unit.

This is a great option for those who take their karaoke night seriously. We highly recommend it!

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