10 Best Landscape Design Software 2017

There are many that go ahead and start transforming their landscape with either just an idea in their mind or plans on paper. Almost every time that this approach is used it ends with complications or mistakes.

Using the best landscape design software you will be able to properly visualize your plans before making them into a reality. This will provide you with an idea of the challenges that you face and where you can save both time and money.

While it is clear that software is crucial, it is much harder to know which program to choose. There is a great range in both price and quality when it comes to design software. This is why we have created a list of the top ten products available on the market, taking into account both the cost and what you can achieve with the software.

What to Consider for Landscape Design Software

To help you make your final decision we have also included some points that you should think about and reflect on what you want to achieve from the software.

  • Complex Isn’t Always Best. On our list we have included both some of the most comprehensive pieces of software and some options that are more basic. This really doesn’t change the overall rating of the program, as it largely depends on what the user needs from the software. Simpler options provide more creativity in the landscaping process and the more complex allows the user to focus on finer details.
  • Accuracy. This is closely related to complexity. Having complete accuracy with placement and style might be more important to some users and less so to others. If it is something that you are counting on then checking the accuracy of the software is very important.
  • Inspiration. Many of the included pieces of software come with example landscapes built in and provide a whole range of ideal setouts. If you are not completely sure what you would like from your landscape then this is a perfect focus to get a little inspiration.
  • Is Being Realistic Necessary? This is once again up to personal preference. Some of the software focuses heavily on creating a highly realistic looking style and others simply on the placement. Choosing the one that suits your preferences will be crucial to your experience of using the software.

Top 10 Landscape Designs Software Comparison

PictureNameBest FeaturePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameBest FeaturePriceRating (1-5)
1. Realtime Landscaping Architect 2016Create plans with a hand-drawn look.$$$$4.5
2. Chief Architect Home Designer Suite 2016Offers over 1500 plant options.$$$3.9
3. Total 3D Home, Landscape and DeckThe drag and drop feature makes it even easier to use.$$3.6
4. Punch Home Landscape Pro Version 17Includes life-like reflection technology.$$3.5
5. Sweet Home 3DAbility to import more 3D models and textures.$3.4
6. Turbofloorplan Deluxe V16 2D/3D Home DesignIncludes thousands of life-like landscaping objects.$3.0
7. Punch! Home & Landscape Design with NexGen Technology [Old Version]Extremely easy to use and even a beginner can use it within minutes.$2.9
8. HGTV Home & Landscape Platinum Suite 3.0Thousands of items included to allow users to create an ideal landscape.$$2.8
9. Punch! Master Landscape Pro Version 10Tools and objects are focused on landscape design.$2.7
10. Roll over image to zoom in Sierra Complete LandDesigner: Design and plan your dream landscapeDrag and drop design provides ease-of-use.$2.7

What Do Good Landscape Design Software Include?

The best aspect of a piece of software is if it allows for a range of options and customization. There are two points that you can look at to check if the design software allows for the right level of flexibility.

  • Plant Encyclopedia. While landscaping might not always be about the plants that will be included, they certainly will be important to the overall style and feel of the space. Some of the top landscape design software will include thousands of trees shrubs, flowers and exotic plants. Many will have them grouped to fit exact climates and zones.
  • Input Objects. Whether this is uploading patterns or the ability to input photographs of your chosen plants, then this will allow you to completely customize the landscape and your design.

Top 3 Best Landscape Design Software Reviews

1. Realtime Landscaping Architect

Realtime Landscaping Architect is the best landscape design software for the user that wants a highly professional outcome. In fact, it is one of the top choices for expert landscape designers due to the overall quality and the numerous options the software provides.

The most noticeable benefit to this program is that as you are creating 2D plans, the software automatically designs the 3D scenes to accompany them. With this software you will be able to create virtual walkthroughs, design beautifully crafted plan drawings and even design straight onto landscape photographs.

Using Realtime Landscaping Architect is not only highly comprehensive in terms of tools and style but it is also incredibly easy to use.

2. Chief Architect Home Designer Suite

While Chief Architect Home Designer Suite can be use for the entirety of a home it is the landscaping tool that has become known as its best aspect. The reason this part of the software has become so well known is because they offer over 1,500 plant options, patio and deck designs and a very easy to use landscaping tool.

On top of the flexibility of the use and the huge number of tools available, this software comes with straightforward instructional videos, step-by-step instruction and complimentary technical support.

Having the combination of both home and landscape design also provides users with the possibility of seeing how each will relate to one another in the final layout.

3. Total 3D Home, Landscape and Deck

Total 3D Home, Landscape and Deck Suit 12 is a great and highly affordable option for those looking to lay their designs out simply before implementing them in real life. There are a whole range of home and room options but this can be largely ignored if your focus is on landscapes.

What makes this one of the top options for the best landscape design software is that it includes a huge Plant Encyclopedia, with each item being displayed in full color photos.

In addition to the variety of selection, the software uses drag and drop technology for decks, pools, forms of gardens and much more. This all comes at one of the best prices on our list.

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