10 Best Mid Tower Cases 2020

If you’re building a new computer from scratch one of the first components you’ll be needing is something to house all your other computer parts – a tower case. Having the best mid tower case will ensure all of your components are well protected from damages and also help to improve the performance of your new computer.

Here we take an in-depth look at the best three mid tower cases on our top ten list.

Consider This for Mid Tower Cases

When you’re considering a mid tower case for your next build there’s one major consideration you’ll need to make. Tower cases vary greatly from maker to maker here’s what you’ll need to consider:

  • Motherboard Compatible. Each case is designed for a specific type of motherboard. There are many different types of layouts that motherboards are made in and each type suits one or two types of cases.
  • Size. Luckily in the modern age of electronics everything has become much smaller now, but it is still important to check to ensure your chosen case will be large enough to accommodate all the components for your new PC.

Top 10 Mid Tower Cases Ultimate Chart

PictureNameFeaturesPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. NZXT S340 Mid Tower Case CA-S340W-B190% steel construction, large interior, clear side panel$$$4.6
2. Cooler Master N400 with Fully Meshed Front PanelFully meshed front panel, 100% steel construction$$4.6
3. Phanteks Eclipse Series P400S Silent Edition Steel ATX exterior and chassis, hidden PSU & HDDs, 120mm fan and removable HDD cage$$$$4.5
4. MasterBox 5 Mid-tower Computer Case with Internal ConfigurationFlexible mounting options, dual slot graphics card, hidden cables, clear side panel$$$4.6
5. Corsair Carbide Series 100R Mid Tower Case Direct airflow to graphics card, up to five fans, tool-free design$$4.5
6. Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-02 Mid Tower Gaming Case Clear side panel, long graphics card support, tool-free design$$4.5
7. Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-01 Mid Tower Gaming Case Clear side panel, long graphics card support, tool-free design$$4.4
8. Zalman ATX Mid Tower PC Case Z1 Neo Clear side panel, blue LED lighting$$4.2
9. Thermaltake Versa N21 Translucent Panel Clear side panel, tool-free design, optimized ventilation$$4.0
10. Xion Performance mATX USB 3.0 Tower Case Basic case design, support large graphics cards$3.8

Buying Information

Buying the best mid-tower case can be a very easy process once you know what to look for. Whereas, for the uninformed, it can be a very confusing and expensive hassle. Here’s what you’ll need to look at before you buy:

  • Fan Support. Having multiple fan slots strategically positioned around the case will allow you to install more than one fan to help cool your CPU and other components. Having plenty of air flow is paramount to ensuring that your new computer doesn’t overheat (which reduces performance).
  • Tool-Free Design. Enables you to easily install and uninstall components in your case. It also makes it much easier to clean the fans and filters when they become dirty with dust.
  • LED Lighting. Although mostly an aesthetic feature, LED lighting can be distracting or appealing depending on where your new case will be positioned and your preferences.
  • Clear Side Panel. Enables you to show off the internal workings of your new computer. Just make sure that the components are neatly organized and cables are hidden or featured with colored covers.

Top 3 Best Mid Tower Case Reviews

1. NZXT S340 Mid Tower Case CA-S340W-B1

This case is sleek and minimalistic, the clear side panel can be a huge asset if you spend some extra time ensuring your cables are neatly positioned. We love how the DVD drives are hidden from view and the power supply doesn’t interfere with the clear window.

There is plenty of room for all of the modern components to fit into the case with ease. We even installed a thin LED strip at the bottom of the case for effect. The lighting highlighted all the components with a beautiful blue color, making for a very showy display on our desk.

2. Cooler Master N400 with Fully Meshed Front Panel

Whereas most cases have a solid front panel that restricts airflow, this unique model has a fully meshed front panel that really magnifies airflow. Not only is this the most efficient way to cool your internal computer components, but it looks awesome too.

The rear panel of most units is meshed so it makes sense to have the front panel meshed also to move air through the entire of the unit. Upon opening this case up it’s clear to see that the makers have put a lot of time into its internal design.

Cable management is really easy and intuitive, all cables are hidden away making for a very neat installation.

3. Phanteks Eclipse Series P400S Silent Edition

If you’re interested in something with smooth, modern lines and a minimalist approach to the design, the Phanteks Eclipse Series P400S is definitely the best mid tower case for you.

It features a unique 10-color RGB downlight plus RGB power light on the “on/off” switch. Get bored of one color and you can change it to another!

Airflow is awesome thanks to the 12omm fans in the front and rear, it comes in either a closed-window or windowed version, and the case is made of a special noise dampening material which is great for those of you who prefer the most silent unit possible.

They’ve designed the I/O ports and power button on the roof rather than on the front of the unit, a unique feature that some of the other towers in our list don’t have.

We’d say that for the price, this is a pretty good find considering the amount of noise it reduces and the sturdy frame.

Perfect for anyone looking for clean, simple design without spending too much money.