10 Best Mosquito Killers 2020

If you’re fed up with constantly swatting away mosquitos in your yard, then it’s time to take action.

While a mosquito killer might be easy to purchase over the counter, some solid research and knowledge of the range of products out there can help you find the best mosquito killer for your needs.

With this being said, the range of different products might be confusing to someone who has never had to go out of their way to figure out a solution to mosquito infestation.

Below, we provide you with all the information you’ll ever need, starting with a table that lists all of the best products!

Top 10 Mosquito Killers Table

PictureNameMethod of ExterminationPriceRating (1-5)
Method of Extermination
Rating (1-5)
1. Pest Soldier Powerful 20W Electronic Indoor Insect Killer, Bug Zapper, Fly Zapper, Mosquito KillerZap Lamp$$4.7
2. Summit 20-Pack Mosquito Dunk Dunk Pellets$4.6
3. KOODER Bug Zapper, Mosquito Killer Lamp Killing Mosquitoes To A Quiet SleepZap Lamp$4.6
4. Summit Mosquito Bits, 30-Ounce Bait Pellets$4.3
5. Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2 Acre Coverage Zap Lamp$$4.2
6. Cutter Backyard Bug Control Spray ConcentrateSpray$4.1
7. Travel Insect Repellent Bracelet 6 Pack Anti MosquitoWrist Band$4.1
8. Hausbell Nontoxic Mosquito Trap Non-Chemical Flies Killer Zap Lamp$$3.9
9. Dynatrap DT2000XL Insect Trap, 1-Acre Zap Lamp$$$3.6
10. Mosquito Magnet MM4200 Patriot Plus Mosquito Trap Magnet$$$$2.9

Figuring out How to Best Kill Mosquitos: A Brief Buyer’s Guide

The result is simple, but the buying process is a little tougher than you’d think, so make sure to take all the features mentioned below into account to find the best mosquito killer! With time, you’ll be able to find a solution that accommodates your specifications.

  • Method of Extermination. From sprays to bug bait, mosquitos can be exterminated in a variety of different ways, and knowing which method is appropriate for your needs is a crucial step to beginning your search.

Popular methods of extermination are sprays, lights, magnets, and bait pellets.

  • Assess Your Needs. While the solution to the problem is inevitably solved through extermination, some situations require certain extermination methods for optimal results.

If you’re looking to exterminate mosquitos in a large open area, for instance, you don’t want a lamp that only attracts mosquitos in a small radius!

  • Outdoor/Indoor. While mosquitos primarily infest outdoor places, there are some instances where they might infest the interior of your residence, which makes it imperative to know the specific environment that the mosquito killer you plan on purchasing is designed for.
  • Versatility. Mosquitos might not be the only thing you’re battling against in your home or on your property, which is why it’s important to pay attention to other insects that the mosquito killer might exterminate.

It’s always a relief when you kill two birds, or two bugs, with one stone!

Top 3 Best Mosquito Killer Reviews

1. Pest Soldier Powerful Electronic Indoor Insect Killer

The Pest Soldier Insect Zapper will stand strong and stout in the face of any mosquito or other insects that come its way, with powerful UV bulbs that easily disintegrate pesky bugs in the area.

We need to give the Pest Solider Zapper a round of applause for its ability to eliminate not only mosquitos, but fruit flies, roaches, and even small mice if you’re lucky.

While it might be relatively small, its size doesn’t prevent it from being able to be used effectively to cover long and wide distances. It can attract mosquitos from over 80 feet away!

While the Pest Soldier zaps insects that fly into its crosshairs, it won’t zap your fingers or your body, due to a large protective cage that surrounds its dangerous bulbs.

The Pest Soldier 20W Mosquito Killer might be the best mosquito killer you can purchase, seeing as it’s easy to use, safe, and can kill a wide variety of pests and insects.

2. Summit 20-Pack Mosquito Dunk

The Summit Mosquito Dunks are organic, easy to set up and use, and quite effective, killing mosquitos beginning with their larvae. You’ll get a large spread of effect as well, due to the ability of each dunk to exterminate mosquitos within 100 square feet of area.

If you’re worried about sprays or other forms of mosquito killers messing with your garden or yard, these mosquito dunks are perfect for you since they’re safe to use as well as organic, meaning they can be left where they are, without you having to worry about throwing them away.

They’ll eliminate mosquitos before they even hatch, due to their ability to kill larvae – forget about swarms of mosquitos taking over your yard!

They come in various quantities, but you’ll be able to decide how many you need if you decide to purchase these mosquito killers for yourself.

They’re easy to set up, kill the source of mosquito infestations, and won’t harm any part of the environment that they’re stationed in.

3. KOODER Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer

The KOODER Zapper is a safe way to get rid of mosquitos, or anything that flies into its path – it’s powerful, efficient, safe, and can be left on for long periods of time even without human supervision.

It’s a proven method of mosquito elimination – you’ll be cleaning it every day because of the sheer number of bugs it attracts and eliminates!

It operates in a simple way – a light attracts mosquitos to its core, which electrocutes them once they get close enough, a method that has proven to be successful in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments.

It isn’t tacky, and it’s quite easy on they eyes – you can place it anywhere you’d like it, and it won’t stand out, in a negative way.

The KOODER Bug Zapper puts insects in their place, especially when they get close to its electric wings. This zap lamp is effective, safe, and beautiful to have in your home, or wherever you decide to position it.