10 Best Music Production Software 2017

Whether you are a musician, a composer or even a playwright, having the best music production software can make all of the difference in your work. These programs can help in a variety of ways, helping anyone to create great music with more sound than could be made by just one person.

It can be difficult to determine which software is best as there are so many to choose from, each with its own unique purpose and features. To help you decide which software is best for you, follow the important information in this comprehensive guide.

Consider This When for Music Production Software

The first thing you will need to consider is the kind of software that you need. There are many different types and then options within those categories too. The best music making software comes in the following types:

  • Songwriters. This specific software allows composers and songwriters to create music with all of the right notations and instrument options. There are always various ways that a musician can input the music; manually, by playing and recording it in the program or by using OCR software that can scan and record a score. The music will be produced on the program or record through it.
  • Digital Recording. You can use this kind of software to record into the program and then be able to transfer the music into another file or format. This is often a good option for those looking to transfer music from one device to another.
  • Digital Editing. When the time comes to polish or manipulate your work, this is the software that you need. This is the kind of software you need to blend songs, cut them up, create fades and remove outside noises or certain instruments from the track.
  • Synthesizer. This software is used to add sounds that are not really there like another instrument or special effect. What makes this some of the best music production software is that it can be used to record instruments and sounds to be used on a synthesizer during a performance to make the musician seem like they are playing like an entire band.

Top 10 Music Production Software Table

PictureNameBest FeaturePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameBest FeaturePriceRating (1-5)
1. FL Studio Producer, Edition 11Lifetime free updates.$$$4.5
2. Mixcraft Home Studio 72000 professionally produced music loops and sound effects.$4.1
3. Steinberg Cubase Elements 744 audio effect processors, including Morph Filterer, VST Amp Rack and Pitch Correct.$$4.0
4. Pro Tools 10- Professional audio recording and music creation softwareAn award-winning toolset.$$$$4.0
5. MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2015Analog synths that allow the creation of more realistic sounding effects.$$3.9
6. Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 10The ability to digitize and restore vinyl and cassettes.$3.8
7. MAGIX Music Maker 2014 Premium6000 loops and samples included.$$$3.8
8. Sony ACID Music Studio 93000 included music loops.$3.7
9. Music Maker 2014The ability to edit up to 99 tracks at once.$3.5
10. Sony ACID Music Studio 1090 included instruments.$3.5

Deciding on Music Production Software for You

Before you decide to invest in some software, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • How Technical Are You Going to Get? This might be something to consider based on your needs or abilities to get into the details of a program and of the music. Unless you are looking for software that is very specific, you should consider an all-in-one program that will do the most overall work for you. If you require more intensive technology, then there are separate programs, such as one that can be used for recording and one that can be used for designing and one for editing.

This may also be determined by the kind of laptop or computer that you will be using as some programs are only available for Mac and some for PC.

  • What Kind of Music Will You Be Making? There are different types of software that you will need for different purposes as well as for different kinds of music that you will be making. For example, you will need software that is completely different if you plan on making dance tracks or mash ups all of the time versus if you are going to be composing pieces for symphonic concert bands.
  • How Much Are You Willing to Spend? Due to the range of software options out there, there is also huge variations in the costs. You will find that many can be found for less than $50 while others can reach up to $400. This is based on how many functions come with the software as well as how intensive the program is in the technical aspects of creating music.

Top 5 Best Music Production Software Reviews

1. Image-Line Software IL51380

When you need a program that will cover most of your musical production needs, the FL Studio Producer, Edition 11 really is at the top of its class.

This program lets you do everything from pitch correction, shifting and harmonization, time stretching and so much more. It really lets you do all of the things you would expect to do in a professional studio with a soundboard.

This particular software also includes software synthesizers to make your music experience even fuller. One of the things that also makes this the best music production software is the fact that you get a lifetime of free updates too.

2. Acoustica ACTA-73

Your music production will be taken to the next level when you buy Mixcraft Home Studio 7. For a relatively low price, you can get all of the studio features you could ever need.

Whether recording guitar tracks or using the many different instrument features to create a more rounded sound, this is really software that you can play around with.

This is one of the most user-friendly software options on the market, which makes it great for anyone that is just getting into making their own music and doing some editing too.

3. Steinberg Cubase Elements 7

The first thing to notice about the Steinberg Cubase Elements 7 is that it is incredibly easy to install and get to know and use. The features might be a little overwhelming at first but once you get a handle on them, you will be able to work seamlessly.

With this software you will be able to create new music as well as record pieces too which makes this ideal for bands and songwriters that need an all-in-one system at home.

The quality and the overall power of the instruments that come with the program make it a pleasure to use.

4. Avid 9900-65186-00 

Even though Pro Tools 10 us not the cheapest music production software, it is one of the most comprehensive programs that you could have. This software is installed onto your computer using discs in an easy set-up process.

What makes this software worth the high price tag is that it truly does it all but in a better way than you would expect from comprehensive software.

Every feature, every instrument and every tool is the best of the best, which makes the overall software one of a kind and something that every serious musician that is making and editing music should have as part of their tools.

5. MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2015

When you do not have the time or money to get into a professional studio, the MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2015 is a great piece of software that will get the job done.

This program does multitrack recordings, provides virtual instruments and offers editing and printing of music and notations.

You are also guaranteed to find the right pitches and get a better sound when you have this program checking you or giving you a starting point for any notes.

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