10 Best NVRs 2020

If you’re worried about thieves breaking into your home or your business, you’ve probably looked into security systems or security camera surveillance.

Why hire an expensive security team when you can do most of what they do yourself, starting with an NVR (Network Video Recording) system?

If you’re looking to give your home or business and an extra dose of camera security; it all starts with an NVR.

The best NVR isn’t a simple matter, however; it takes a careful, patient approach to figure out which NVR system will suit your home or business the best.

We know the search can be tough, but you can easily compare the top models in our table below and check out our rererereshopping tips that will help you choose the right one.

Still undecided? Head down and read our reviews of the top three products where our experts weigh in with their opinion.

Top 10 NVRs Table

PictureName# of CamerasPriceRating (1-5)
# of Cameras
Rating (1-5)
1. Amcrest NV4108E 1080p POE Network Video Recorder8 at 1080p$$$4.2
2. Amcrest Amcrest NV1104 1080p NVR Network Video Recorder - Supports up to 2 x 1080p2 at 1080p$3.9
3. Amcrest NV4108 1080p Network Video Recorder WiFi IP Cameras @ 30fps Realtime8 at 1080p$$3.8
4. Foscam 960p 4-channel NVR / Network Video Recorder, FN3104H (Black) 4 at 960p$3.8
5. DIGOO NVR HD 1080P Security System, DIGOO P2P Network Video Recorder4 at 1080p$3.8
6. ANRAN 960H 8 Channels Full D1 DVR CCTV Network Motion Detection8 at 960p$3.6
7. Ubiquiti Networks Network Video Recorder with 500 GB Hard Drive UVC-NVR 50 at 960p$$$$3.6
8. JOOAN 16 Channels H.264 Network Motion Detection 16CH DVR CCTV Surveillance Security System 16 at 1080p$3.3
9. TRENDnet 4-Channel HD PoE Network Video Recorder, Up to 6TB Storage 4 at 720p$$3.2
10. D-Link Camera Video Recorder mydlink-Enabled (DNR-202L)4 at 1080p$3.0

High-Definition Surveillance: What’s the Right NVR for You?

From choosing an NVR based on the amount of cameras it’ll support to choosing one solely for its easy setup, the best NVR will stand out once you’ve finished reading the items in the list below.

  • Application Support. Most NVR systems come with application support that’s designed to give its users a computerized or mobile view of live security footage.

This type of support can be handy if you get paranoid while you’re away for any reason, and want to check on your home or business!

  • Text/Email Alarm Triggers. What’s better than having footage of a thief breaking into your home? An alert in the form of an email or text message that makes you aware of a potential security breach, so you can take the appropriate action.
  • Ease of Setup. Setup of an NVR can be decidedly difficult; it’s important to invest in one that doesn’t take you hours to get up and running.
  • Extras/Accessories Included? Many NVRs come with extra features like mice, cables, and sometimes cameras, all of which are much-appreciated assets in a properly functioning home security system.
  • Amount of Cameras at Highest Definition Supported. This refers to the total amount of cameras supported, at the highest definition, on an NVR.

We’d suggest looking for an NVR that supports no less than four separate cameras at 1080p definition.

  • Hard Drive Space Compatibility. Commonly referred to as the “HDD” storage capacity, this is an important thing to consider for an NVR system.

Simply put, this attribute corresponds with how much footage your NVR can hold from your cameras before you’re forced to delete it.

Top 3 Best NVR Reviews

1. Amcrest NV4108E Video Recorder

The Amcrest NV4108E is a powerful way to secure your home or your business, with capabilities to support a whopping eight cameras at 1080p definition, a quality that glowingly stands out from other NVRs. Let’s look deeper at why this might be the right NVR for your needs.

It can functionally support a hard drive with up to 8 Terabytes of storage, meaning you won’t have to worry about deleting footage off of your cameras for months, even years.

On top of an application that’s available for smartphones if you purchase this NVR, it’s also quite easy to set up.

It’s even loaded with a backup feature for true peace of mind as well as true security. The Amcrest NV4108E is an enviable NVR to have at your disposal, with excellent camera capabilities, huge amounts of storage compatibility, a user-friendly application, and easy setup.

2. Amcrest NV1104 Video Recorder

The Amcrest NV1104 is a great option for homeowners looking for a moderate level of security. While you won’t get high-quality footage if you want more than two cameras attached to this NVR, there’s still much more to be appreciated.

The HDD it supports is nothing short of stellar; with 4 Terabytes, the footage will keep rolling for months on end, before you have to get rid of it because of lack of space.

Another great feature is that, unlike many other brands of NVRs, this model supports third-party cameras, an attribute that’s rare in the modern world of video security.

It also comes with a one-year warranty and excellent tech support from Amcrest, meaning you’ll always have an answer to your questions.

Amcrest has your back with the NV1104 featuring a one-year warranty, excellent HDD storage compatibility, and the ability to support third-party camera models or cameras that aren’t affiliated with the Amcrest brand.

3. Amcrest NV4108 1080p Network Video Recorder

Not to be mistaken for the model that’s two places above this one on this list, the NV4108 is an excellent NVR that has desirable attributes across the board. Let’s take a closer look.

It’s got the capabilities of the best NVRs on the market, with slightly less HDD compatibility – you can comfortably stream up to 8 channels of 1080p footage with a total of four Terabytes of HDD compatibility.

As with other Amcrest models, the NV4108 has compatibility with third-party cameras, a trait that’s highly sought after in the NVR world.

All you’ll have to do to get it going is configure your cameras, wire the included ethernet cable to your home or business router, and install any necessary software on your computer.

It’s easy to set up, has excellent multi-camera viewing options, and has competitive HDD specifications, even compared to other models of NVRs within the Amcrest brand.