10 Best Overhead DVD Players 2020

Travelling long distances by car several times a year can be rough, especially if you have children fighting or arguing out of sheer boredom. On-road entertainment is the key to peace on a long car ride!

You can achieve this with an overhead DVD player, a unit that connects to your car’s electric system and attaches to the ceiling of your vehicle.

There are many things to consider, however, when shopping for one of these devices, so care must be taken to ensure all of you and your vehicle’s specifications are met before you finalize your purchase.

Your search for the best overhead DVD player is about to end – we’ve got all the information you need to find the best DVD player for your vehicle, from a table with ten of the best models to a detailed list of attributes you’ll need to be aware of before you actually buy one.

Top 10 Overhead DVD Players Table

PictureNameScreen WidthPriceRating (1-5)
Screen Width
Rating (1-5)
1. XTRONS 13.3" HD 1080P Video Car MPV Roof Flip Down Slim Monitor Overhead Player Wide Screen Ultra-thin13.3”$$$4.2
2. Rockville RVD10HD-BK 10.1" Flip Down Monitor DVD Player, HDMI, USB, Games, LED 10.1”$$3.9
3. BOSS AUDIO BV90BA 9 inch Widescreen Flipdown & Swivel Monitor with DVD player, Wireless Remote 9”$$3.8
4. Audiovox AVXMTG13UHD 13.3 inches Digital LED Back-Lit Monitor 13.3”$$$$3.5
5. BOSS Audio BV12.1MCH 12.1 Inch Flip-Down Car Monitor 12.1”$$$3.3
6. PYLE PLVWR1440 14-Inch High Resolution TFT Roof Mount Monitor and IR Transmitter 14”$3.3
7. Pyle PLRD95 9.5-Inch Flip-Down Roof-Mount Monitor and DVD SD/USB Player 9.5”$3.2
8. Tview T20DVFD-BK 20-Inch Flip Down Monitor with Built in DVD Player 20”$$$$2.9
9. Legacy LMRD15 High Resolution Flip-Down Monitor 16”$$2.5
10. Pyle PLRD143IF 14.1-Inch Roof Mount TFT-LCD Monitor 14.1”$$$2.4

Keeping the Occupants of Your Car Entertained: How to Find a Overhead DVD Player

Your hunt for the best overhead DVD player for your automobile is about to get twice as easy – pay close attention to all of the overhead DVD player attributes we’ve listed below and you’ll have no problem choosing the right one for your vehicle.

  • Screen Resolution. The screen resolution is one of the best indicators of the quality of your overhead DVD player, making it extremely important if your viewers are picky about the quality of their movies – an ideal resolution to look for would be 1080p!
  • Screen Size. This feature shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to figuring out what DVD player is the right one for you.

If you have a screen that’s small, you won’t be able to accommodate very many viewers, disallowing more than one or two people to comfortably enjoy the movie that’s being played.

  • Brightness. The brightness of your overhead DVD player is important for daytime movie or TV show watching; a DVD player with adequate brightness will alleviate the glare from sunlight or daylight, glare which has potential to impact the ability to successfully see the screen.
  • Stationary or Non-Stationary Screen. Some overhead DVD players come with screens that fold up and down, and some come with a screen that stays in one place – the style of overhead DVD player screen that you’ll want is largely based on personal preference.
  • Additional Outputs/Functions. Does the overhead DVD player that you’re considering purchasing come with a headphone jack, an auxiliary input, or other forms of supplemental connections?

All of this is important to consider, for they can make your DVD-watching experience much more immersive especially if you can watch your title with headphones in.

Top 3 Best Overhead DVD Player Reviews

1. XTRONS 13.3″ HD 1080P Video Car MPV

With a 1920x1080p resolution screen, a flip down monitor, two sets of included headphones, a remote, and a game controller, the XTRONS 13.3” DVD player is a formidable force in the world of Overhead DVD players.

Its resolution is top of the line, to say the least; 1920x1080p is the same resolution found on many high-end HD TV monitors and computer screens.

At 13.3” in width, you’ll have a wide viewing angle that’s comfortably able to accommodate several sets of eyes while a movie is playing on it.

It comes with a wide variety of accessories and supplemental items that truly make this overhead DVD player the best overhead DVD player you can get your hands on – you’ll get a remote, a game controller, and two sets of headphones.

The XTRONS 13.3” is much more that you can ask for from an overhead DVD player with top-tier resolution, a wide viewing angle, and a diverse mix of accessories.

2. Rockville Flip Down Monitor DVD Player

This Rockville overhead DVD player will supply your vehicle with entertainment for years to come! It features a decent-sized screen, exceptional resolution, and a plethora of inputs suitable for a wide a variety of purposes.

At 10.1”, the width of the screen is decent, although you might have some problems seeing it if you’re sitting too far behind the DVD player.

The resolution, while not HD, is certainly great for an overhead DVD player, at 1034x600p.

It’s loaded with a variety of connections, from a USB port to charge your smartphone or other devices in, to an HDMI port connect to other screens for enhanced entertainment.

Overall, the Rockville RVD10HD-BK is a modest overhead DVD player that features a load of exciting, versatile features.

3. BOSS AUDIO Widescreen Flipdown & Swivel Monitor

At 9 inches in width, the BOSS BV90BA might not possess the widest of screens, but it certainly doesn’t lack in other categories, particularly in its range of ports, its lovely warranty, and its great sounding speakers.

If you can’t connect this DVD player to your car’s main audio system, have no fear – it’s loaded with two excellent speakers that will pump premium sound into the ears of anyone that hears them.

It’s equipped with several USB inputs, a couple AV inputs, and an HDMI input.

On top of a wireless remote, it also features a phenomenal, three-year warranty, a feature that’s hard to come by in electronics these days, even overhead DVD players.

With a stellar warranty, a variety of inputs, and decent speakers, you’ll surely get your money’s worth from the BOSS BV90BA overhead DVD player.