10 Best Sewing Scissors 2020

Whether you’re preparing fabric to make a cute dress for your summer wardrobe, a comfy quilt to bundle up in when the temperatures drop down or an accent pillow to spruce up your living room, you won’t get very far if you can’t cut the fabric!

Since there are so many styles of scissors that come in handy for sewing projects (and one pair is never enough) we will be highlighting some of the best sewing scissors for you here in our guide.

From small to large, dressmaker to pinking shears, we make finding what you need quick and simple!

Top 10 Sewing Scissors Table

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Kai 5210 8-inch Dressmaking ShearsDressmaker Shears$$$4.9
2. Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker's ShearsDressmaker Shears$$$$4.8
3. Fiskars 8 Inch Titanium Easy Action Scissors Multipurpose Scissors$$$$4.7
4. Fiskars 8 Inch Razor-edge Softgrip Scissors (175800-1002)Multipurpose Scissors$$4.7
5. Gingher 5 Inch Knife Edge Sewing Scissors (01-005278) Multipurpose Scissors$$$$4.7
6. Singer 9-1/2-Inch Pro Series Bent Sewing ScissorBent Sewing Scissors$4.6
7. Handi Stitch 9" Tailor Dressmaking Scissors -Stainless Steel Tailor Scissors$$4.6
8. P.LOTOR Pinking Shears, P.LOTOR 9.3 Inches Handled Professional Stainless SteelPinking Shears$4.6
9. QERA Pro TWO High Quality 3.5 Inch Gold Plated Stainless Steel ScissorsEmbroidery Scissors$4.5
10. Gingher 4.5 Inch Knife Edge Thread Nippers Thread Nippers$$$4.5

How Should You Choose Good Scissors?

Were sure that each and every one of you has different scissor criteria, so here are a few tips to keep in mind as you shop.

  • Ease of Use. If you suffer from arthritis or if your current pair of scissors are just too stiff, you look for something that is user friendly for your hands. The Fiskars 8-inch Easy Action Scissors, for example, would be perfect for you.
  • Price. We realize that many of you want the biggest bang for your buck, but finding a decent pair of “cheap” scissors isn’t always easy.

Fiskars Razor-Edge Softgrip Scissors are quite popular and dependable. Just remember that cheaper scissors usually mean cheaper quality, so you’ll either have to replace them sooner or they’ll dull more quickly.

Types of Scissors

The scissors you use depends entire upon the types of projects you usually tackle in your sewing room, so here are the different options and when they can come in useful.

  • Dressmaker Shears. These are definitely the best sewing scissors for seamstresses or tailors.

The blades are usually lengthier and sharper, with the top blade cut at an angle so that it can cut through fabric (or layers of fabric) much easier.

For cutting out the straight lines of patterns or larger designs that don’t have a lot of intricate details, these scissors are your best bet.

  • Multi-Purpose Scissors. These come in a variety of shapes and forms; some with user-friendly handles, some with sharper blades, etc.

For quilting and craft sewing, these scissors are probably better than dressmaker shears (which would be more preferable for making garments).

  • Tailor Scissors. For precision cutting on thicker fabrics, a pair of tailor scissors are your best friend.

They are much shorter than dressmaker shears but quite strong.

These and the dressmaker shears are probably the best fabric scissors for garment making.

  • Embroidery Scissors. These are handy for cutting threads and reaching into tight areas where a regular pair of scissors can’t reach.

Whether you embroider or you simply need a small pair of scissors on hand near the machine, these are definitely a staple item in the sewing room.

  • Pinking Shears. These scissors are optional and probably best for silky, slipper fabrics such as chiffon or fashion apparel that can easily fray.
  • Bent Sewing Scissors. The “bend” is referring to the bend in the handle and there are actually quite a few scissors that could fit into this category.

When comparing product number 5 in our table (the bent scissors) with product number 6, you’ll notice that the latter features a straight body while the others bend upward on the top loop of the handle.

  • Thread Nippers. Another pair of optional scissors, these are handy if you want something near your sewing machine so you can cut through single strands of thread or even bunches of thread. They’re heavy-duty enough to handle the job with precision.

Top 3 Best Sewing Scissors Reviews

1. Kai 5210 Dressmaking Shears

Die hard Gingher fans who end up giving these scissors a whirl usually convert. The blades on these are so sharp and reliable and the quality of the hardened stainless steel blades is hard to beat.

In terms of handle comfort, these feature a fatigue-free design that won’t wear your hand out and we love that the handles are also covered in plastic so you don’t have to make contact with the cold steel when you pick them up.

If you’ve always stuck with Gingher or a cheaper pair of scissors, we definitely recommend that you take the plunge and invest in these! You will not be disappointed.

2. Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears

For those who prefer to stick with Gingher, their classic 8-inch dressmaker shears are still reliable and smooth as butter.

These are probably the most popular scissors in their category since the company offers great repair services. Cheaper blades aren’t worth sharpening and can bend more easily, but with the quality high-carbon steel that they use, their products are dependable and will last you for years.

3. Fiskars Titanium Easy Action

If traditional scissors are difficult for your hands to deal with, then a pair of these Easy Action scissors from Fiskars are the best sewing scissors you’ll ever use.

Don’t be fooled by the design: they’re still capable of gliding through layers of denim or gently cutting silk thanks to the sharp blades.

The secret to these scissors is the spring-action design that will open the blade naturally after you press down to cut. Typical scissors require you to close and open them, but these cut the work load in half and your hand will greatly appreciate it.

Don’t give up sewing due to arthritis or other hand pain: get a pair of these and your problems are solved!