10 Best Smartpens 2020

In our modern world, everything is being updated to conform with the latest tech trends. For instance, even the humble pen has received a significant upgrade. These new age pens allow users to connect to multiple devices, create digital files of their notes, and record audio all at the same time.

Different smartpen models, however, offer different levels of functionality. So depending on what you need and want out of your device, you need to consider what each option brings to the table. Learn more about the best of the best smartpen models and find the right one for you by discovering the top 10 picks here.

Top 10 Smartpens Chart

PictureNameInk / StylusPriceRating (1-5)
Ink / Stylus
Rating (1-5)
1. Neo smartpen N2 (Titan Black) for IOS and Android Smartphones and TabletsInk$$$$3.9
2. FiftyThree Digital Stylus Pencil for iPad, iPad Pro, and iPhone - Graphite Stylus$$3.8
3. Samsung Electronics Slate PC Digitizer Pen (AA-DP0NE2B/US) Stylus$$3.8
4. Smarson Bluetooth Digitizer Smart Pen by Smarson, For iOS and Android Devices, The Smartest Digital PenStylus$3.7
5. Livescribe 3 smartpen Black Edition (APX-00020) Ink$$$3.4
6. Docooler 174 2.4GHz Wireless Optical Pen Mouse Adjustable 500/1000DPI Handwriting Smart Mouse Stylus$3.4
7. DotPen - World's Best Active Stylus Pen for iPad, iPhone, and Most Android Tablets and Smartphones. Stylus$$3.3
8. Luidia Inc Equil Smartpen 2Ink$3.2
9. Livescribe 2GB Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen Ink$$$3.1
10. Awinner Active Stylus Pen,Fine Point Precision Stylus Stylus$3.0

What Do You Need to Consider When Buying a Smartpen?

Which characteristics set each smartpen apart from others? And how should these factors affect the way you make a purchase decision? These unique combinations of smartpen features will ultimately determine your satisfaction with your chosen product. So be sure to consider these points when making a purchase to get the best bang for your buck.

  • Functionality. Smartpen uses and functions vary depending on models and brands. Understanding what each pen can do will tell you how and when you can use it for your convenience.
    • Audio Recorder. Smartpens with built-in audio recorders are developed for use during lectures. These pens create audio files that are often incorporated into recorded notes for a richer note taking experience and output.
    • Note Recorder. Aside from allowing you to write your notes on paper, smartpens can also register and record the movements you make during writing to create an instant digital copy of whatever you wrote using the pen. This ultimately eliminates the need for scanning notes to transfer them to computers.
    • Smart Device Stylus. Not all objects will be read by a smart device’s screen. For that reason, some smartpens have been developed to incorporate a dedicated tip for smart devices for more versatile use.
    • Remote Computer Controller. Some smartpens work as a wireless mouse, connecting to your computer via Bluetooth and allowing you to control your device from a distance.
  • Memory Space. Depending on how much you expect to store in your smartpen, you should choose how big you want your memory space to be. The smallest storage that you can expect out of a smartpen would be at around 2 GB, but there are larger variants.

Choosing the right storage space depends on your needs. For instance, a medical student might require much more space for audio recording of lectures. A store owner, on the other hand, might be satisfied with 2 GB for keeping written records of store transactions.

  • Ink vs. Stylus. A stylus is basically an inkless digital pen that works as an accessory to other devices you might have. A smartpen with ink operates more similarly to a pen, able to write on paper along with a few other features.

An ink stylus will need replacement inks in the future, but it can also operate independently of a computer or smart device. Consider how you want to use your smartpen to determine which option will work best for your needs.

Top 3 Best Smartpen Reviews

1. Neo smartpen N2 (Titan Black)

Designed with the sleek, ergonomic feel and weight of a typical pen, average users wouldn’t suspect the Neo Smartpen N2 pen was anything more than your usual pen. With a slim body simple design, bringing the Neo Smartpen with you is easy and problem-free.

Beneath the simple exterior, however, the Neo Smartpen N2 Titan Black for iOS and Android Smart Devices features some really nifty functions that bring note-taking to a new level. The exclusive Neo Notes app that can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet instantly generates digital copies of notes you’ve written with your smartpen.

The app also supports digital transcription to up to 15 different languages; this makes it easy to distribute, share, and organize notes on your smart device.

Finally, the pressure detection feature enables the pen instantly without the need for a power button or start up. Able to store up to 1,000 pages of notes without syncing to a device, this option is the best smartpen for people looking for a quality device.

2. FiftyThree Digital Stylus Pencil

Giving you more functionality out of your Apple-branded products is the Fifty Three Digital Stylus Pencil for Apple. This state of the art active stylus does more than just active your screen with touches and pressure.

The unique design allows users to take handwritten notes and get creative with sketching applications on iPhones and iPads. The pressure activated pen is automatically detected by compatible devices and creates different stroke widths depending on how much pressure is applied.

With a palm rejection feature, users can conveniently and comfortably rest a hand on the surface of the screen without causing unwanted lines and strokes whenever the pen is in use; this allows users to achieve a natural, easy, and realistic sketching and writing experience as they would with a traditional pen and paper.

3. Samsung Electronics Slate PC Digitizer Pen

The Samsung Electronics Slate PC Digitizer Pen is a smartpen that works on tablet slates, smart devices, and computers to give you greater use and convenience out of your device.

This smartpen functions more like a stylus, integrating different mouse and control functions that make it easier for users to make the most out of their computers, smartphones, and slates.

Optimized for creativity, the Samsung Electronics Slate PC Digitizer Pen is a great tool for people who like generating digital art. The smartpen is highly sensitive, which is an ideal feature if you want to create sketches, illustrations, and 3D models on your computer.