10 Best Sympathy Gifts 2020

It’s not easy losing someone you love. So, if there’s anyone you know who is going through a loss, you might feel compelled to give them something to let them know they’re not alone. For situations when you want to give condolences without having to get too wordy, a sympathy gift should be the perfect way to bring your message across.

Something as simple as a small token or remembrance is often more than enough to show that you share someone’s grief. The only question now is which among the best sympathy gifts is the right one for that person you want to comfort?

Give encouragement, spark hope, and ease the pain of loss by picking out the perfect sympathy gift using this guide.

Top 10 Sympathy Gifts Chart

PictureNameGift TypePriceRating (1-5)
Gift Type
Rating (1-5)
1. Demdaco Willow Tree RemembranceDecorative$$4.9
2. Glass KindNotes SYMPATHY Keepsake Gift Jar of Messages for Condolences, Bereavement, Passing, Loss, FuneralsMessages$$$4.8
3. Woodstock Medium Amazing Grace Chime- Inspirational Collection Decorative$$$4.8
4. Angel Catcher: A Journal of Loss and Remembrance Diary/Journal$4.7
5. Evergreen Enterprises EG25903 Those We Love Don't Go Away, Stepping StoneDecorative$$$4.7
6. Pavilion Gift Company Comfort Candles 5-Inch Round Tea Light Holder, In Memory Decorative$$4.6
7. Dicksons No Tears in Heaven NecklaceJewelry$$4.5
8. Pavilion Gift Company Elements 9-Inch Sympathy Angel Holding Star, Stars in the Sky Decorative$$$4.4
9. Collections ETC Solar Lighted Weeping Angel Garden MemorialDecorative$$4.3
10. Golden State Fruit Deluxe Gift Basket, Sympathy Food$$$$4.1

Things You Need to Know When Buying Sympathy Gifts

Sympathy is a very broad feeling, and different people express and receive it with differing points of view. Generally speaking, anyone would be happy to accept a sympathy gift from a friend or relative; however, as the gift giver, you should make sure to choose your token wisely, so you don’t end up giving the wrong impression of what you want to express.

  • Flowers or Sympathy Gifts. Flowers have become something of a staple when it comes to expressing sympathy. However, experts suggest that gift givers steer clear of bouquets and arrangements for the purpose of bereavement. Giving something that lasts leaves a much more permanent impression of care and compassion. Plus, giving a grieving person something that will eventually die might bring the pain back to life once they find that they need to throw away the wilted arrangement.
  • Personalized or Customized Gifts. They say that the best sympathy gifts are the ones that are made with a personal touch, but that might not always be the case. For instance, if you were close to the deceased but you weren’t very acquainted with their family, you might not have to get anything personalized as per proper sympathy etiquette.

However, if for example, your sister’s husband is the one who has passed, a personalized sympathy gift would be much more appropriate to represent a deeper connection and condolence. It depends on the depth of relationships, so be sure to consider how well you know the bereaved before buying a sympathy gift.

  • Recipient Specifics. A sympathy gift is less about the deceased, and more importantly for the ones they have left behind. So when choosing a sympathy gift, you should think about the person you’re giving the token to instead of the person who has passed.

Would they be happier receiving a decorative piece that they can display in their home? Would they benefit more greatly from wisdom and comfort in the form of a book or are you giving the gift to an entire family that would better appreciate something like a basket of edible treats? Keep the recipient in mind and choose a gift that will give them the best benefits for the situation.

Top 3 Best Sympathy Gifts Reviews

1. Demdaco Willow Tree Remembrance

Most of the best sympathy gifts come in the form of figurines and statues because their long-lasting quality helps keep the memory of a lost loved one alive. Among the most special sympathy gift statues in the market is the Willow Tree Remembrance. It is carved in the form of graceful angels clad in a white robe; these 5-inch statues speak volumes despite their minimalist design.

Each Willow Tree Remembrance is carved by hand from solid wood. So you can expect that whichever Willow Tree Remembrance you purchase will be a unique design made with thoughtful intentions. The design of the statue itself is discreet and simple, but the intricate robe carvings and expressive statue aesthetic can offer healing, comfort, and hope in the quietest of ways to a grieving friend.

At a very reasonable price, the Willow Tree Remembrance is a one-of-a-kind sympathy gift that can perfectly encapsulate your message and compassion.

2. Glass KindNotes SYMPATHY Keepsake Gift Jar

The process of moving forward from a loss can take some time. Often, the first few weeks are the most painful and difficult to overcome. With that in mind, the kind folks at KindNotes have released the Glass KindNotes Sympathy Keepsake Gift Jar of Messages.

This sympathy gift features a jar filled with 31 sympathy messages for comfort and healing. One note is to be opened for each day of the first month since the loss, but can also be read just whenever the person needs comfort and hope. The jar itself is very decorative, coming in a vast variety of different designs and styles. With such a wide selection, you can be sure to choose a jar that suits your recipient’s personal aesthetic so they can easily display it anywhere in their home.

3. Woodstock Medium Amazing Grace Chime

There are many who believe that those who have passed make us feel their love through what we experience around us, such as a gentle passing breeze. So that those left behind never miss a sign from their dearly departed, a wind chime is an ideal sympathy gift.

The Woodstock Inspirational Amazing Grace Chime is finely tuned to play the opening notes of the song “Amazing Grace,” a very popular solemn hymn for remembering the departed. The chime features cherry finish ash wood and silver aluminum tubes that are guaranteed to last a lifetime for endless years of solid memories and healing.