6 Best Teacher Planners 2020

Staying organized is one of the biggest challenges a teacher can have – with so many students and subjects, and an ever-changing lesson plan, it can be tough to track everything and keep it all in one place.

That’s probably why old-fashioned, paper teacher planners are so popular even with all of the technological innovation of today – nothing beats sitting down, going through your lesson plan, and writing down the details to make sure you’re on track.

In an effort to aid the ever-frazzled teacher who is need of a great organizational tool, we’ve put together a list of some of the best teacher planners on the market, as well as some important buying information to help you make an informed decision on what planner is best for you.

What to Consider When Buying Teacher Planner

You’re stuck with a teacher planner for the whole year once you get started – so there are some crucial factors to think about when making your purchase.

  • Dated or Undated. While most teacher planners come undated, dated planners can be purchased. Generally, teachers prefer undated calendars, as it gives them greater flexibility when planning, and they can purchase several at a time, but if you don’t want to bother dating each individual section, a dated calendar can be a great choice.
  • Number of Class Periods. Most planners support anywhere from 5-9 different class periods per week, but 7 periods is the most common, so you should be able to find one appropriate for your needs, whether you’re only teaching a few classes, or loaded up with students for the year.
  • Extras. Some teacher planners come with an almost innumerable amount of extra features – behavior sections, parental contact information, class attendance records, rosters, expandable pockets and extra notes, substitute information, and so on. While these extras can be nice to have, they can sometimes be overwhelming, so it’s best to know what you prefer before purchasing a new teacher planner.

Top 6 Teacher Planners Table

PictureName# of PeriodsPriceRating (1-5)
# of Periods
Rating (1-5)
1. 7 Period Teacher Lesson Plan7$4.8
2. Bloom Daily Planners Mint Stripe Undated Academic Year Teacher Planner Lesson Plan Book79$$$4.6
3. AT-A-GLANCE Undated Teacher's Planner9$4.6
4. BW Collection Lesson Plan Book7$4.5
5. The Teacher's Lesson Planner and Record Book7$$4.5
6. House of Doolittle Teachers Planner with Seating Chart7$4.5


Beyond dates, class periods, and extras, there is one more factor you may want to consider when buying a teacher planner. We are speaking of the design. There are a huge amount of different kinds of planners out there, and though they contain similar features, their designs can vary wildly.

Some teachers appreciate brightly colored, fun planners with inspirational quotes and attractive designs, while others prefer a more minimal approach to planning, with little in the way of decoration or extraneous detail.

What you prefer is mainly up to you, but this is still an important consideration when picking a new planner.

Top 3 Best Teacher Planner Reviews

1. ELAN Teacher Lesson Plan

Simplicity is a virtue, and this seven Period Teacher Lesson Plan by ELAN is proof of that fact. While it features plenty of extras such as a supplementary data/testing section, a calendar year-at-a-glance for school events, and room for information about classes and procedures, it never loses track of its primary purpose – lesson planning.

This generously sized, undated calendar provides seven large, lined sections on each page, spreading seven periods over 5 days, with an additional weekly section for notes and important observations about each day.

It’s high quality, great to use, and has just enough detail to be useful while remaining a simple tool, so it’s a great choice for anyone looking to balance extras with simple planning tools, and it’s one of the best teacher planners on the market today.

2. Bloom Daily Planners Teacher Planner

Simplicity may be a virtue, but so is maximum organizational capability – and if you’re not afraid of a huge amount of extra features, this Bloom Daily Planners Lesson Plan Book may be perfect for you.

Created with a cute, colorful design featuring inspirational quotes and plenty of space, this planner boasts a tremendous amount of extra features sure to be useful for any teacher seeking maximum organization. It includes a personal information section, a substitute page, a student information section, call home logs, important dates, and graph paper, as well as a spacious rear pocket for supplemental materials.

The monthly and weekly views are great, too – each one allows you to begin with a monthly plan, and end with a review, and the week-by-week and period views are roomy with plenty of space for notes and other information about each class and lesson plan.

This is a wonderful planning tool for anyone who wants plan ahead as much as possible – and needs the extra options to do it.

3. AT-A-GLANCE Undated Teacher’s Planner

This option by AT-A-GLANCE is pretty much the exact opposite of the Bloom Daily – but it’s extremely effective at what it does, offering a simple but versatile 9-column weekly view.

This puts it at the top of our list when it comes to total number of class periods supported by a planner, so this is a good choice if you’ve got a huge number of classes, or need a planner that can support a lot of information on each weekly page.

Beyond the weekly view, the only other features are a class record, a seating chart, and some notes pages, so this is certainly a very simple planner.

Given its generous size, high quality 30% post-consumer paper, and high quality simulated leather cover, it’s minimalism is far from a drawback – it’s the perfect reason to pick it up if you’re looking for a planner, but overwhelmed by all the extras present in other options.