6 Best Tobacco Pipes 2020

Pipes have been man’s greatest companion for centuries.

Any gentleman of worth will tell you that nothing beats the feeling and experience of smoking a pipe after a hard day’s work.

A pipe in hand makes your struggles less compelling. It opens up your mind and you are able to think and plan things better.

Unfortunately, there is very little information about smoking pipes and this makes the task of finding good tobacco pipes very difficult for beginners.

In this guide, we examine the factors that you should consider when buying a good tobacco pipe so as to make your smoking experience worthwhile.

Let’s now take a look at our comprehensive guide of the best tobacco pipes.

Things to Consider When Buying Tobacco Pipes

  • The Look and Feel of the Pipe. The first rule when buying a tobacco pipe is to buy one that you like.

All other factors are insignificant in comparison to this one. It doesn’t matter whether the pipe you have bought is mechanically flawless, if it doesn’t appeal to you then you are less likely to enjoy smoking it and this makes it a bad candidate for purchase.

  • Design Flaws. The pipe design should be comfortable and natural for you to hold in your hand and smoke.

Keep an eye out for design flaws that make cleaning and lighting it difficult.

A key aspect of consideration in this area is the alignment of the parts. Good pipes have the parts aligned perfectly such that the airway is smooth from the draft hole to the mouthpiece.

Poorly aligned parts make the pipe to smoke loudly and wet.

  • Weight of the Pipe. Lighter smoking pipes are easy to hold in your mouth and this way you are less likely to fatigue. Lighter pipes have also been cured thoroughly by having the moisture in them removed and this makes them smoke better.

Top 6 Tobacco Pipes Table

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Scotte(TM) Lobular Ebony Smoking Pipe 9mm Filter Element Tobacco Pipe$$$$4.4
2. Ylyycc solid wood tobaco pipe with several accessories tobacco pipe$$$4.3
3. F.e.s.s. Long Churchwarden Tobacco Pipe $$$$4.1
4. Small Shiny Tobacco Pipe$4.0
5. Missouri Meerschaum Ozark Mountain Hardwood Tobacco Pipe Straight$$3.9
6. Qzoxx Red marbleized Tobacco Smoking Wooden Pipe$3.7

Top 3 Best Pipes Reviews

1. Scotte(TM) Lobular Ebony 9mm Filter Element

Scotte(TM) Lobular Ebony Smoking Pipe 9mm Filter Element Tobacco Pipe is one of the best smoking pipes that you can get. It has expertly crafted for an enhanced smoking experience every time you use it.

The wood used to make this pipe is hard and dry and this makes it smoke better. It is very light as well and this way you don’t get fatigued when smoking this pipe.

The handle is soft and its heat resistant feature makes it one of the best tobacco pipes in the market.

If you are looking for an inexpensive and durable tobacco pipe, look no further. This pipe does not spoil easily and you will smoke it for a very long time.

2. Ylyycc solid wood with several accessories

Ylyycc solid wood tobacco pipe is one another pipe that smokes really well. The design is flawless and its stunningly gorgeous exterior makes it a sight to behold.

It has been crafted with precision to minimize leakages and enhance smoking efficiency. Disassembling this tobacco pipe is very easy and this makes for convenient cleaning.

It also comes with a precision filter that filters oils and other harmful substances to leave the smoke that you inhale clean, fresh and healthy.

Buy one of these tobacco pipes and you will get a plastic stand and a soft carrying bag for safe carriage.

With all these attributes it is now clear why buying the Ylyycc solid wood tobacco pipe is a wise decision. Get one of these today and take your smoking experience to the next level.

3. F.e.s.s. Long Churchwarden

The market is flooded with smoking pipes but none matches F.e.s.s. Long Churchwarden Tobacco Pipe in terms of quality and structure.

It has a long pipe when compared to other tobacco pipes and this makes the smoke smooth and easy to breathe.

The parts are fitted together very well making it strong and durable. Disassembling this pipe is very easy as well and this helps when cleaning it.

It is very light and you don’t fatigue when smoking it.

Tobacco in the bowl burns nicely and slowly without the bowl getting very hot and this makes for an enhanced smoking experience.

Its costs less than other tobacco pipes in the market and this makes it such a great investment.