10 Best USB Bluetooth Adapters 2020

A USB Bluetooth adapter allows devices that are Bluetooth compatible, such as phones, headphones, mice, and other things, to connect to your computer, without wires.

While many newer generations of laptops and desktops have Bluetooth capabilities, some don’t, which is why buying the best USB Bluetooth adapter is quite important.

The search for the best bluetooth dongle can be tough, however, which is why we’ve put together a list of ten phenomenal adapters to feast your eyes on.

Take a glance at the table below to start learning about the best versions of USB Bluetooth adapters!

Top 10 USB Bluetooth Adapters

PictureNameMax. DistancePriceRating (1-5)
Max. Distance
Rating (1-5)
1. Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter30 Feet$$$$4.3
2. Avantree USB Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter for PC, Wireless Dongle65 Feet$$$4.3
3. Onvian Bluetooth Adapter USB CSR 4.0 Dongle Receiver Transfer Wireless33 Feet$$4.3
4. Kinivo BTD-400 Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter30 Feet$$$4.1
5. Costech Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter, Costech Gold Plated Micro Dongle 33ft/10m Compatible33 Feet$$3.9
6. ASUS USB Adapter with Bluetooth (USB-BT400) 33 Feet$$$3.9
7. ORICO Bluetooth 4.0 Class 2 USB Dongle Adapter with Broadcom BCM20702 chipset33 Feet$3.9
8. MIATONE Wireless Bluetooth CSR 4.0 USB Adapter Dongle 33 Feet$$3.8
9. URANT Bluetooth Adapter Receiver,URANT Car Kit Mini USB 49 Feet$$$3.8
10. Amotus Bluetooth Adapter, Amotus USB Bluetooth 4.0 EDR Wireless Micro Adapter60 Feet$$$3.8

Picking a USB Adapter – What to Know Before You Buy

Not sure which is the best USB Bluetooth adapter for your needs? Find out what things you need to take into consideration before choosing one.

  • Size. A great USB Bluetooth Adapter is quite forgettable – and we aren’t talking about forgettable in the sense of insignificant. Rather, we’re talking about forgettable with respect to its size, which should be quite small.

A USB Bluetooth adapter should be able to fit on the outside of your computer smoothly, and shouldn’t protrude too far, in any direction. One consequence that can result from your USB Bluetooth dongle being too bulky is that you might not be able to fit your desktop or laptop into its case or carrying bag.

  • Can You Even Use One? We ask this question with regards to the specific operating system you have installed on your computer; many USB Bluetooth adapters are only compatible with certain types of operating systems.

Macs aren’t often supported, and certain versions of Windows might not be compatible with the specific device you purchase, making it important to know the requirements of the device before you make your final purchase!

  • Number of Devices Supported. Everyone could benefit from a Bluetooth dongle, whether you’re a casual computer user or a technology nerd. Depending on the number of devices you’re looking to connect to your computer, you’ll want to purchase a Bluetooth adapter that fits your needs.
  • Maximum Distance From Dongle. The maximum distance of a USB Bluetooth adapter refers to the longest amount of distance away from the dongle that the device that’s connected to it can properly function.

If you plan to roam around your house while listening to your music, for instance, you’ll want a Bluetooth dongle that offers a maximum distance of no less than 30 feet. The maximum distance is also dependent on the device you’re using, as well.

Top 3 Best USB Bluetooth Adapter Reviews

1. Plugable Low Energy Micro Adapter

The Plugable USB Bluetooth adapter is simple to use, easy to setup, and compatible with a wide a variety of Bluetooth-friendly devices.

Although it doesn’t work with Windows 7 or earlier operating systems, you’ll be able to place it in your computer’s USB drive with any other Windows OS. Most computers these days have Windows 10, anyway!

You’ll be able to get into the swing of things right away, due to its easy installation – simply plug in the device, let the drivers automatically download, and enjoy wireless freedom.

From speakers to headphones, a wide variety of devices are compatible with this Plugable USB Adapter, and it can even support them from a relatively long distance away.

It might be the best USB Bluetooth adapter you can find, so make sure to get your hands on it before it goes out of stock! It’s accessible to a wide range of devices; it can be used from over 30 feet away, and much more.

2. Avantree USB Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter

It’s small, so small, in fact, that it might be tinier than your fingernail, but its size doesn’t detract from its superior performance in a variety of different areas.

First, you’ll want to take note of its compatibility, because it’s able to be used with a variety of different operating systems. From Windows XP to Windows 10, you’ll be able to get the most out of this USB Bluetooth adapter.

The next thing you’ll want to take note of is its operational distance, which allows you to use it with an uninterrupted signal at more than 60 feet away.

Finally, it comes with a two-year warranty that will cover anything that goes wrong with it.

With an adequate warranty, an excellent operating distance, and universal Window’s compatibility, this USB Bluetooth adapter is a force to be reckoned with!

3. Onvian Bluetooth Adapter USB CSR 4.0

The Onvian Bluetooth Adapter can receive Bluetooth signal from over 30 feet away, is compatible with many operating systems, and is built for both power and energy saving.

At 30 feet away from your computer, you’ll be able to do quite a lot – whether you’re walking around the house or doing dishes, you won’t have to worry about wires holding you back!

It’s small enough to stay out of site, but not small enough to where you’ll forget it’s plugged in. It won’t awkwardly drag along the inside of your computer bag either if you forget to take it out of your computer’s USB slot.

Finally, the Onvian Bluetooth adapter is compatible with a versatile range of Windows operating systems. From Vista to 10, you’ll be able to use it without an issue!

The Onvian Bluetooth adapter is a great adapter for Bluetooth fanatics. It has the ability to be used at a distance, it’s small enough to stay out of the way, and it’s compatible with a decent range of operating systems.