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10 Best Dual Monitor Stands 2020

In the age of computers and internet, we spend a considerable part of our day staring at monitors, whether or not we like it. While we cannot change that, what we can change is the way our monitors and chairs are setup to save our bodies from

10 Best Portable Monitors 2020

Portable monitors are not discussed as much as some of the other consumer electronics counterparts, but they are no less important. Whether you use computers for home entertainment purposes or professional requirements, a portable monitor (also known as USB PC monitor) goes a long way in making

10 Best Monitors for Mac Mini 2020

Mac Minis are the wave of the future; they’re compact, sleek, reputable, and of course, they perform as well as any other desktop computer. It’s the best of both worlds since they act as small desktop computers and can be attached to virtually any type of monitor

10 Best Monitors for MacBook Pro 2020

Last year, Apple finally cut the strings on its Thunderbolt Displays, recommending users to choose from the multitude of external displays available from third party manufacturers. We have no reason to complain; there are definitely a lot of high-quality options out there for you to choose from

10 Best 144Hz Monitors 2020

As computers continue to alter the way we work and entertain ourselves, we continuously feel the need to upgrade our hardware components and monitors are one of them. If you are looking for a monitor to give you an enhanced gaming experience, or one to give your

6 Best Monitors for MacBook Pro Retina 2020

Apple has always stood synonymous with quality – the reason it attracts professionals who want their display to be perfect down to the last pixel. If you are into a profession that requires photo editing, graphic designing, architecture, High Definition video editing and the like, you would

10 Best G-Sync Monitors 2020

Your choice of monitor has a big part to play in the way you experience gaming. You might have the best GPU, feeding great input to your monitor but if it is not capable of handling that, you would experience that unpleasant lag and stutter. G-sync monitors

10 Best Monitors for Photo Editing 2020

If you are a photography enthusiast, graphic designer or a professional photographer, the usual monitor that usually ships with a desktop will not reflect your art best. Advancement in video technology presents a number of options when it comes to choosing computer monitors. You no longer have

6 Best Monitors for Graphic Design 2020

If you are a graphic design professional, you want to move beyond the ordinary monitors. You cannot afford to just walk into the electronic store and pick up the cheapest monitor on offer. Graphic designing monitor needs to have the right combination of resolution, color reproduction, ergonomics,

10 Best Touch Screen Monitors 2020

Are you on the hunt for a new touch screen monitor? This type of technology is handy for nearly all demographics including adults in the workforce, parents, students and children. Whether this is your first experience with this type of technology or you’re looking to upgrade your