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10 Best Calligraphy Pens 2020

All you need to take drab, normal letters and transform them into stunning works of art is the right pen, and for those who are mad about calligraphy, the pen makes all the difference. Whether you’re just getting into calligraphy or perhaps an experienced artist looking for

10 Best Pens for Note Taking 2020

Walk into any college lecture hall or high school classroom today, and you’ll likely see students rapidly typing their notes on a laptop or tablet. However, studies show that there are several benefits to taking notes by hand, including improved retention and easier recall of the material.

10 Best Smartpens 2020

In our modern world, everything is being updated to conform with the latest tech trends. For instance, even the humble pen has received a significant upgrade. These new age pens allow users to connect to multiple devices, create digital files of their notes, and record audio all

10 Best Fountain Pens Under $50 of 2020

Classy and sophisticated, fountain pens add a unique and artful touch to everyday handwriting. First created in 1827, these specialty pens have been around for centuries and have been used for a wide variety of purposes – both corporate and leisurely. Whether you’re hoping to sharpen your

10 Best Gel Pens 2020

It’s easy to have a love/hate relationship with gel pens. When they are good, they are really good (you can’t beat dark pigmented lines and the way they flow across paper), but when they’re bad, they’re awful (clogged pens and smeared ink anyone?)! That’s why your search

10 Best Highlighter Pens 2020

Technology advances, just as our habits and preferences develop with it, but when it comes to manually underlining and highlighting text, we still rely on one simple tool: the highlighter pen. Whether the text is printed from a printer or hand written, a highlighter can help us

6 Best Colored Pens 2020

Everyone has experienced the misery of needing a pen, searching frantically only to find that somehow, every single pen has vanished. There is joy in opening a brand new package of pens, knowing that your frenzied search is over; you have found the perfect pens! They are

6 Best Fountain Pens Under $100 of 2020

Nowadays, fountain pens are an anachronism – they’ve mainly been pushed out of the market by cheap ballpoint pens and newer gel-based ink pens. Once upon a time, they were the premier writing instrument on the scene and for good reason: they were more convenient than dip