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10 Best Colored Pencils 2020

Colored pencils aren’t just for kids; serious artists rely on them to create unique masterpieces and the fact that some of the best colored pencils cost a pretty penny proves that they aren’t just a child’s play toy reserved for coloring books. Below we will take a

10 Best Drawing Pencils 2020

Thinking of creating awesome pieces of art? Want to invest your time into sketching or illustrating and create incredible drawings? Well, you’re going to need the best drawing pencils for that. And our excellent guide is full of just that. Picking high quality pencils is the most

10 Best Watercolor Pencils 2020

Watercolor pencils are quite possibly the most versatile tools you can use to produce beautiful artwork. You can choose to use them dry, as you would standard coloring pencils, or with water, to achieve the effect of a watercolor painting. Either way, the results are eye catching,

6 Best Manual Pencil Sharpeners 2020

Some people like to say that the world is going paperless, but the truth is, there will always be a need for pencil and paper. Scores of students, artists, journalists and office workers continue to use traditional pencils every day. If you fall into the category of

10 Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners 2020

Despite the rise of computers and digital writing, there’s sometimes no better tool for the job than a plain old pencil. This is true whether you’re writing a test in classic #2 graphite, or an artist looking to do some light sketching – or even coloring, if