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6 Best Humidors 2020

Whether you are just getting to the cigar collecting game or are a veteran, you will need to store your cigars correctly. The best way to do this is in a humidor that has been specifically designed for the purpose of keeping cigars at the right level

6 Best Tobacco Pipes 2020

Pipes have been man’s greatest companion for centuries. Any gentleman of worth will tell you that nothing beats the feeling and experience of smoking a pipe after a hard day’s work. A pipe in hand makes your struggles less compelling. It opens up your mind and you

10 Best Cigarette Rolling Machines 2020

Smoking is an expensive habit and buying cigarettes regularly can put a huge strain on your finances. That is exactly why you should invest in a cigarette rolling machine! With a cigarette rolling machine, you can easily prepare cigarettes in the comfort of your own home and

10 Best Cigar Cutters 2020

If you enjoy smoking a fine Cuban cigar, then you want only best cigar cutter to help you enjoy your smoking experience to the fullest. Not only does having a great quality cigar cutter leave you with an edge of quality, it also carefully measures and cuts

6 Best Hookah Coals 2020

Everyone who has ever used a hookah will have experienced the clear difference between having a poor quality coal and having the best of the best. It has to have the right set of qualities for it to be absolutely perfect and these are often not achieved.