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10 Best USB Bluetooth Adapters 2017

A USB Bluetooth adapter allows devices that are Bluetooth compatible, such as phones, headphones, mice, and other things, to connect to your computer, without wires. While many newer generations of laptops and desktops have Bluetooth capabilities, some don’t, which is why buying the best USB Bluetooth adapter

10 Best Overhead DVD Players 2017

Travelling long distances by car several times a year can be rough, especially if you have children fighting or arguing out of sheer boredom. On-road entertainment is the key to peace on a long car ride! You can achieve this with an overhead DVD player, a unit

10 Best NVRs 2017

If you’re worried about thieves breaking into your home or your business, you’ve probably looked into security systems or security camera surveillance. Why hire an expensive security team when you can do most of what they do yourself, starting with an NVR (Network Video Recording) system? If

10 Best Calculators for College 2017

The transition to college can be difficult for some students. In addition to leaving the comfortable familiarity of home, many new college students are faced with a heavier workload and more difficult assignments. Even at the lowest level, general college math and science classes can be far

10 Best AIO Water Coolers 2017

AIO water coolers are a step above conventional air-powered coolers. They take classic liquid CPU cooling and simplify it, through both the build of the cooling system and the cooling process itself. You might be eager to integrate an AIO cooling system into your PC build immediately,

10 Best Headrest DVD Players 2017

Looking for a way to keep your kids distracted while you take a several hour trip? Whether for this purpose or for simply entertaining those who ride along in your car, you’ve come to the right article if you’re looking to smartly purchase the best headrest DVD

10 Best HTPCs 2017

An HTPC, or home entertainment personal computer, is the focal point of a home theater system, providing the brain power and operating system needed to fuel your media endeavors. HTPCs come in all makes and sizes, with an incredibly diverse selection of features to choose from, ranging

10 Best Chromeboxes 2017

Over time, cell phones aren’t the only pieces of technology that have gotten smaller in size; computers have seen a drastic decrease in size, as well. A Chromebox is a perfect example of this size decrease; these slim and compact computers provide modest computer performance while being

10 Best Phono Preamps 2017

Enhancing volume and boosting a weak signal is what using a phono preamp is all about. Having the best phono preamp means having one that works effectively with your system. Once you have discovered the benefits that having one of these devices can bring to your turntable,

10 Best Webcams for PC 2017

Webcams are sold as products that are highly convenient and it is claimed that they don’t have to cost very much at all. While they are definitely great to have, the less you pay for a webcam, the less you get. While this seems obvious, it doesn’t