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10 Best Fly Traps 2020

Flies multiply at an astonishing rate, and what may seem like just a few pesky flies buzzing around your home can turn into a full-blown infestation quicker than you can blink an eye. Most of us don’t have fly problems this serious, but controlling the population with

10 Best Slip and Slides 2020

One of the best backyard toys of all time is the slip and slide. Did you play with one when you were a kid? If not, you should try it! You’re never too old to run and jump onto a wet sheet of plastic on a hot

10 Best Cheap Candles 2020

We like homemade, high-quality candles just as much as you do. However, they are definitely out of the price range when you are shopping on a budget. What if you are organizing a wedding reception, a religious ceremony, or simply don’t want to spend Yankee Candle prices

10 Best Home Planetariums 2020

Not all of us have the luxury of stepping into the backyard, looking up, and seeing the different constellations in the night’s sky. Light pollution can put a real damper on your stargazing experience, and only a select few have access to view the stars in a

10 Best Adult Halloween Costumes 2020

You will be flooded with choices when you type in “best adult Halloween costumes” into any search bar. From Superman to a sultry pirate wench, there is something out there for everyone! The fact that you’re willing to spend money on a ready-to-wear costume, however, means that

10 Best Gifts for Grandma 2020

Traditional grandma gifts sure haven’t changed much over the years, and we were a little tired of seeing mugs with “World’s Best Grandma” printed on them along with a lot of other “fluff” gifts that just ends up sitting on her shelves and collecting dust. What types

10 Best Irons for Quilting 2020

Quilters have many fabrics, notions, scissors, and machines to choose from, and to add to the mix; irons are another tool to take into consideration. With years of quilting behind us and countless products tried, we want to show some of our favorite quilting irons in this

10 Best USB Bluetooth Adapters 2020

A USB Bluetooth adapter allows devices that are Bluetooth compatible, such as phones, headphones, mice, and other things, to connect to your computer, without wires. While many newer generations of laptops and desktops have Bluetooth capabilities, some don’t, which is why buying the best USB Bluetooth adapter

10 Best Paper Shredders 2020

One of the best ways to prevent identity theft or leakage of sensitive information is by using a paper shredder. Do you have one in your home or your office yet? Whether you’re purchasing one for the first time or replacing a unit that has shredded its

10 Best Overhead DVD Players 2020

Travelling long distances by car several times a year can be rough, especially if you have children fighting or arguing out of sheer boredom. On-road entertainment is the key to peace on a long car ride! You can achieve this with an overhead DVD player, a unit