Consumer Runner Scholarship

Applications are now being accepted for the Consumer Runner Scholarship.

This year, we would like to help students focus on communication, constructive criticism, and professionalism since these are all important elements that apply in the world of education and the workplace.

About Consumer Runner

As consumers, we all need to purchase new products, but who has time to conduct in-depth research on all of the options?

Here at Consumer Runner, researching and testing is our job. Whether you are in need of the Best Sublimation Printer, or the Best Embroidery Software, our team makes it simple for you to find just about anything for the home or office in less time.

Scholarship Details

A total of $1,400 will be awarded to the winning student. Please note that you must be currently enrolled in a high school, college or university to be considered for the award.

Applications must be submitted by July 18th, 2018. Any applications received after that date will not be considered.

The winner will be announced on July 22nd, 2018.

Who is Eligible

Applicants must be registered as a part-time or full-time student at the time the application is submitted.

Please note that past recipients of the Consumer Runner Scholarship will automatically be disqualified.

How to Apply

Applicants must submit the following information along with their essay to

  • Proof that you are a currently a student and the name of your school
  • Full name, address, and e-mail

Essay Topic

Name five different items that you own. For each item, make a list of its greatest flaws and then propose some ways that the manufacturer could fix them.

Please write the suggestions as if you were writing to the manufacturer directly.

The essay should be between 500 and 1,000 words.

How a Winner is Selected

  • Level of professionalism
  • Proofreading
  • Constructiveness
  • Creativity